Check Out Episode One of The Cavanaughs


In the pilot episode of Adrian Morales' (CSI: NY) heartfelt dramedy The Cavanaughs, a group of friends reunite for the screening of a sitcom pilot struggling writer Bryan (Morales) has been working to bring to television for years.  Check out the chemistry between hunky actor Mark (Grant Landry) and his costar/sparring partner Sarah (Amanda Broadwell), not the mention the sparks between Bryan and Sarah's BFF Scott (Daniel Rhyder). A dose of comedic energy is added to The Cavanaughs by drag queen Ginger Snappz as the star of the sitcom-within-a-soap, Noreen Cavanaugh.  I am excited to see how the remaining five installments of the series play out. Check out the premiere episode of The Cavanaughs after the jump!