General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Robin drops by Casa Corinthos, to have a chat with Sonny regarding Michael, Dante and Stone.  She asks for money for the AIDS wing and Sonny graciously tells her he'll have Bernie wash some of the dirty stuff for her. Well, it was more like he'll take it from the offshore account, but that's pretty much the same thing.  Robin gives her "you're a good man" speech, and tells him to reach out to Olivia to bridge the gap with Dante.

After their conversation at the Metrocourt, Lulu heads to work to complain to Maxie about how she thinks Dante will react to the news of her abortion.  Carly heads over to Spinelli's to engage him in the fun of messing up Dante's life, because he's responsible for everything, including Elvis' death and global warming.  Spinelli bangs the "Z" key on his keyboard eight billion times really fast and comes up with articles about Dante's life, including one where he's standing with a girl whom Carly recognizes as Brooklyn. I think Carly actually started salivating.

Jason and Sam have some time with each other in the interrogation room before he has to leave and they share some sweet memories.  Kristina arrives to thank Jason for making the ultimate sacrifice, since her father is a jerk.  When she leaves, Jason asks Sam to go to bat for Sonny on Kristina's behalf, but Sam isn't interested, as she agrees with the rest of the world that Sonny's a douchebag.

Carter saves Michael from a beat-down from the guard, only to request payment from Michael himself.  And I don't think he was talking about a pack of cigarettes.

Luke confronts Ethan about money missing from the till. Maya arrives with a message, via Edward, from Tracy, that she's in Fiji.  Ethan tries to con Luke that he played poker with Maya and that's where the missing money is, but she's not interested and leaves.  Ethan tells his father he's planning on working with Johnny for the cash, but Luke warns him against it.

Ethan runs into Kristina in the park and they have a lovely scene.  (Clearly all the good scenes are in the park these days!)  He tells her his money problems. She offers to get the money from Nikolas, but he turns her down.  Ethan shows up at Johnny's, accepts his job offer and they toast with wine.  Someone's been watching too many Sex and The City DVDs. 

As Jason's about to taken away, Mr. Mayor shows up and dramatically declares that he isn't going anywhere.