One Life to Live Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


John and Natalie… Natalie and Brody… Brody and Jessica… My head hurts and I just can’t decide who I want more. I totally fell in love with Jessica and Brody, but this mess they turned her into does not deserve Brody. John and Natalie are two of my least favorite characters so I suppose their pairing will allow me to fast forward through their scenes, but my oh my am I on board for the roll in the sack that Natalie and Brody kicked off yesterday! So when John finally catches up to Natalie to profess his love, will she tell him that she got horizontal with her sister’s boyfriend? Nope! When Jessica tells Brody she remembers everything, will he tell her what happened?

Who knocked out Ford? Will this turn into a murder mystery? Let’s back up a few steps… Markko clocked Ford for sleeping with Langston and then last we saw him, Jessica arrived at his door. When Ford pushes things a little too much with Jess, her memories come racing back. Layla and Cris come back to their apartment to find Ford in a pool of his own blood. So, who knocked out Ford leaving him for dead?

Langston fesses up to Starr… She tells her BFF that she and Ford had been going at it despite what she had been telling Starr and Cole. Starr is angry and tells Langston there are consequences to her actions, but ultimately vows to stand by her friend. Markko spends the night at the Buenos Dias, not wanting to return to the apartment he shares with Langston. He decides to head to the ER to get his wrist looked at just as the Paramedics come in with Ford.

Who are the suspects… Langston and Markko! Cris and Layla talk to the cops about how pissed Markko was and Cris warns Markko that if Ford doesn’t make it, he could be facing murder charges. Dorian covers for Langston unsure if her daughter was involved. Later, Langston tells Dorian she had nothing to do with the attack on Ford. When John questions Markko about his wrist, he honestly tells him that he decked the teaching assistant for sleeping with his girlfriend. With no alibi for the rest of the night, Markko asks Tea to be his attorney.

Tea has her legal hands full with Todd. After her first radiation treatment, which Blair goes to with her, Tea is tired, but still determined to be at Todd’s arraignment. She gets him released, however the charges still stand. Out on bail, Todd sets out to get Hannah and sends one of his men to find her. Too bad for Hannah, Todd has some good men working for him as they find her and bring her to Todd “bound and gagged.”

Did Rex find his parents? Once released from that jail cell, Rex and Gigi finally get a peek inside that box. What’s in it? An old photograph which leads them to yet another location. They find the cabin that is the picture and letters that offer up more clues to who Rex’s parent are. Are they Rick and Lilli who never saw each again after their short love affair in Santa Fe? Is there more to whom Rick and Lilli are? Obviously, right? There’s a reason Lilli had her baby in Llanview.

RANDOM and CRAZY… They’re headed to the chapel and they’re gonna get married… Bo and Nora’s wedding day! Nora asks Viki to be her Maid of Honor. Who is a surprise visitor? Who is marrying the happy couple? Jessica is very curious about Ford and how he’s doing. Foxy Roxy’s goes up in flames. Jessica apologizes to Layla and Cristian. Markko is arrested.