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Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams Talk Soaps, Soul Train, UFO's and Vampires With Mo'Nique

On what is fast becoming my favorite late night program, multi-talented, super celeb Mo'Nique chatted last night with daytime's premiere black supercouple, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams (Angie and Jesse, All My Children), on her BET talker, The Mo'Nique Show. The comedienne-turned-Oscar winner dished with Morgan and Williams about the impact their groundbreaking pairing had on popular culture.


How refreshing it was to watch Morgan, who went on to roles in primetime (It's A Different World) and film (Eve's Bayou, Love & Basketball) in between her soap stints, bond with Mo'Nique over the dearth of roles in Hollyweird for women of color and of a certain age, and why that made Morgan grateful she had a home to come back to in Pine Valley. Now if they would just write her and Williams a decent storyline!

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Mo'Nique also brought up Williams' Soul Train dancer past, resulting in a hilarious, impromptu reenactment of the classic "Soul Train Line". The group later acted out a sudsy scene, with Mo'Nique pulling off a "soap stare" ! Then former teen idol Tevin Campbell joined the fun, singing his 90's R&B jam "Can We Talk" and admitting he believes in UFO's and vampires. Um...okay! Watch the episode from after the jump.

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