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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It seems Mayor Floyd wants Jason to spend longer than 5 years in prison. He isn’t happy with the current deal that Jason and Claire have cooked up and tries to pull some strings to get a longer sentence. Dante’s not happy with Floyd’s interference and lets him know that he’s got some dirt on the good old mayor. Floyd backs off and, after a bittersweet goodbye to Sam, Jason goes off to prison as planned.

Here’s a question. If Dante has such good dirt on the mayor, why doesn’t he blackmail him into letting Michael out of prison?

Sonny and Olivia have the bi-monthly trip down memory lane (remember Sister Mary Katherine everyone?), but she reminds Sonny that his dimples are not going to get her to bridge the gap with Dante. Dante himself shows up and gets his panties in a bunch at seeing his parents together. He informs Sonny, for the eleventy-fifth time, that he’s not interested in a relationship and storms off. Olivia follows suit.

Michael fights off Carter’s advances only to have him return again later.

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Here’s a question. Why aren’t any of Sonny’s men on the inside looking out for Michael until Jason gets there? Why would this Carter guy think it’s a good idea to mess with a mob boss’ son? Isn’t that a sure way of dying a very painful death?

Spinelli apparently has one of those magic computers that can tell you everything about a person, including what color underwear they’re curently wearing. So he lets Carly know all of Brooke Lynn’s sordid criminal activities, including credit card fraud. I call shenanigans on the granddaughter of Edward Quartermain needing to resort to illegal activities.

Carly manages to find Brooke Lynn and offers to help her out in exchange for something. I refuse to believe that Brooke Lynn, raised by the great Ned and Lois Ashton, would resort to whatever Carly has planned, for money.

Lulu and Maxie continue to go around and around the abortion issue and whether or not to tell Dante. Lulu has an epiphany that someone’s bound to tell Dante, so it should come from her. Lulu also shows up at Spinelli’s, figuring he needs company now that the love of his life is in prison.

Matt shows up at Crimson, summoned by Maxie, to join her at a reception, about which Matt knows all the details. Maxie is impressed with Matt’s knowledge and seems to be looking forward to their date.

Here’s a question. Matt’s a good looking, young doctor. Why is he always being written as hard up for Maxie’s attentions?

Sonny goes home to find Johnny sitting in his living room. Johnny tells him he’s about to receive a call from Bernie and he won’t be happy with what he hears. Sonny goes for his gun, just as the phone rings.