Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Paul: He seeks out Patty for help with Emily.

Cane/Mac: The two receive stunning news.

Victor: He's resolute in getting the real story behind Adam's "death."

Cane/Lily: Mrs. Ashby goes to France to begin the stem cell treatment. Cane's still forging ahead with his plans to sue Mac for the amniotic fluid from the twins to save his wife. Lily's in the dark about her husband's plans. She's scared if they go through with taking the fluid, the babies will be in grave danger. While waiting on the lawyer he's consulting with about his suit against Mac, Cane runs into Malcolm and invites him to stay for the meeting. Cane's attorney advises him he has an excellent case against Mac. Malcolm backs Cane's play to try to save Lily's life, which is all the incentive he needs. Lily is still clueless about Cane's plans and the two have a touching goodbye before her trip to France. After Lily leaves, Cane pledges to do everything in his power to save Lily.

Jana/Lauren/Ryder/Kevin: At Crimson Lights, Lauren sees Ryder and has a huge meltdown. Kevin soothes his sis-in-law's fears and informs her Ryder is giving himself up to the police. Jana reminds Lauren it was Ryder who tried to help them while they were kidnapped. Lauren is not thrilled by what she hears and thinks Jana's crazy for her logic. Chance comes to the coffee shop and hauls Ryder off. Meanwhile, Kevin and Jana head off for their date at the Athletic Club, which turns out badly. Jana realizes how much she's crushing Kevin, soshe tries to put her best foot forward. Afterwards, Jana departs the GCAC and goes to jail to see Ryder! She tells Ryder she empathizes with his plight and the two have a close moment.