Jillian's Y&R Summer Spoilers!


Nick/Adam/Victor: Look for The Black Knight to be on an interesting path to bringing Adam's killer to justice and freeing Nick. Meanwhile, ADAM IS NOT DEAD! Yep, he's alive and well and is sticking it to his family once again . Watch for someone previously onscreen— who was also thought to be dead— to be aiding Adam. Victor meets Meggie (Sean "Catwoman" Young) who assists him in his plans to free Nick. D.A. Owen has his own designs on the Newman case and seems to hold a grudge for Genoa City's most powerful clan.

Mac/Cane/Lily: Mr. Ashby is flying solo on his journey to keep Lily alive by using stem cell from their twins. Lily isn't willing to bring harm to the kids and is dead set against the treatment.

Jill/Foster Family: Snapper (David Hasslehoff) heads back to Genoa City right behind the rest of his loved ones. Look for illness and paternity secrets to send ripples through the Fosters. As our Jamey reported, Jill will finally find out just who exactly she really is and who's she related to in town.

Jill/Tucker/Ashley/Neil: A love triangle is on the horizon as Tucker and Ashley work side by side to bring Jabot back to its glory days. The two have different ideas on how to make this a reality. How will Neil react to Tucker working so closely with his Lady Love? Meanwhile, Jill inserts herself in their relationship.

Abby: What's a teen heiress desperate to get her own reality show do to do? Why make a sex tape of course! Look for the newly SORAS'D vixen to enlist the help of a certain Genoa City hunk, who is currently licking his wounds after his lady love split.