Some Guy From Survivor to Take More of Melody Thomas Scott's Airtime on Y&R

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You know. I was just thinking to myself, "Self, what does The Young and the Restless need to do to get back on track after those awful, stinky, plot driven doppelganger storylines and backburnering one of soap's all-time fave leading ladies, give more airtime and a storyline to Melody Thomas Scott or bring on a reality show contestant for a cameo?"

Unfortunately, no one likes to hear the answers I come up with while talking to myself and drinking Winter Green rubbing alcohol out of a flask— not even my therapist. is reporting Survivor contestant James Clement will be appearing on daytime's most frustrating sudser. The bug eater, who is a long time fan of Y&R, will play a cop who share scenes with Greg Rikaart and Eric Braeden. Cue: Self-congratulatory interview where unchallenged half truths and mentions of "Bil Bell's legacy" will be brought up to explain away MTS's decreased airtime in 5, 4, 3, 2...