General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Anybody else notice that they took Epiphany and Matt out of the opening credits and put Lisa and Steve in? Or has that been there for awhile and I just never noticed until today?

Carly tells Brooke that she’ll make all her money woes go away if Brooke sleeps with Dante. Brooke crazily agrees to sing at the Metrocourt and do Carly’s bidding. I’m hoping Brooke Lynn has some of her great-grandfather’s genes in her and double crosses Carly once the money troubles are taken care of.

Just as Sonny has decided to kill Johnny in the middle of his living room, (What? It worked so well with Dante.) Ethan and Claire show up. Sonny is forced to backtrack, kicking Ethan and Johnny out, but allowing Claire to stay to search the premises while he goes to see Michael. Claire promptly calls Dante over to help her search.

Jason arrives in his cell only to find Michael silent in the corner after being beaten. Eventually, Jason talks Michael out of his silence and they bond before Michael is summoned to visit with Sonny.

Sonny blows smoke up Michael’s nose about all the things he’s doing to get him out of prison – which pretty much consists of having dinner with Olivia and threatening Johnny, as far as I can tell. Sonny then visits with Jason to tell him that it’s all his fault that Johnny is coming after him. Why didn’t SaSon hire someone to replace Jason in his absence? Or move Max up into the role?

Matt and Maxie are enjoying a beer at Jake’s, discussing the virtues of Milan and their mutual admiration of the city. Ethan and Johnny show up to celebrate messing with Sonny. Ethan accidentally spills a drink on Maya, who’s none too thrilled. Maxie decides to tell Johnny, for some bizarre reason, that she’s playing Matt to get to Spinelli. Matt overhears and leaves in disgust. It’s back to the unused closet for Jason Cook.

Lulu nearly tells Dante about the abortion, but he gets called by Claire and leaves. Carly shows up and tells Lulu not to spill the beans about the abortion.

Dante and Claire argue about his intentions with his father. Dante proclaims that he feels badly that he lied about being shot by Sonny and that ultimately, Michael paid the price for his ego.

Liz absentmindedly picks up the kids from daycare and takes them home, forgetting that not only is it Lucky’s day, but also that she has a baby appointment with Nik. Lucky shows up to get the boys. Nikolas shows up to ream a strip off of Liz. Liz tells Nikolas to stuff it, which he doesn’t appreciate, and then immediately runs to Lucky’s to whine on his shoulders.

I thought Nikolas was in the wrong in showing up and ordering Liz to move to Windemere, but Liz was also in the wrong in declaring that their whole affair is all on him.