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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

Was that mention of solitary confinement foreshadowing? RUMOR has it that Jason decks a guard and lands himself in the hole. Does this leave Michael more vulnerable than before?


Was he or wasn’t he? Is that the intention? Does Guza know where he plans on going with all this? Originally, it SEEMED that this wasn’t going to move as quickly as it is. Will Michael end up having to take an HIV test? That's the RUMOR.

Kristina’s daddy issues are far from over… No real surprise there, her father is Sonny Corinthos. Her Kiefer issues are even further from over. Remember I mentioned dreams about her dead abuser? Now we’ll see her destructive state of mind team up with her daddy issues as RUMORS say she’ll pretend to date Johnny Z. How do you pretend to date someone? What about Ethan? Sam steps up again and tells Ethan not to give Krissy the wrong idea – that maybe it’s best if he just stays away from her kid sister. Is Kristina going to get Johnny into far more trouble than Ethan was ever in?

Sonny in therapy? Alexis asks if Sonny will go with Kristina to one of her sessions. There are also some RUMORS out there that Olivia encourages Sonny to go back to therapy to deal with his own issues. Will Sonny lose his marbles at the session?

Changes to the opening credits… I don’t know what is wrong with this show when it comes to the opening. They can’t seem to update it for years and when they finally do, all of the sudden making minor changes to it are no big deal. Why were the minor changes so hard all these years that we’ve been complaining? Epiphany and Matt get benched and Lisa and Steven are called up to bat? Usually, the opening is reserved for contract roles only. Scott Reeves (Steven) was placed on contract, so his inclusion makes sense, but the rest of it doesn’t – just as Matt seems to be getting some playing time too.

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So Matt heard Maxie’s big plan. She's the next Carly with all her plans. Despite his walking away, Matt may just use Maxie right back. Will the time spent with the Blonde One work to the doc's advantage?

The Dante Sandwich… Brook Lynn won’t be in need of that room at the Metro Court. She’s moving into Dante’s building, and since EVERYONE shows up at his place unannounced, I’m sure she will be the nosey neighbor. Lulu is not happy with the new neighbor. Brook leaves some earrings at Dante’s and places them oh, so perfectly.

Elizabeth the investor? This really should be under CRAZY, I know. RUMOR has it that she taps into the boys’ trust fund to invest in some pharmaceuticals. Does Helena have something to do with all this?

Brenda—We here Vanessa Marcil is "really close" to inking a deal, but then she's been there before. Stay tuned...

RANDOM and CRAZY… Jason tells Sam that Carter is a dead man. Is it because of Michael or because of the RUMOR that Franco sends a message through the inmate? Another RUMOR has Franco sending Claudia's bracelet to Jason's penthouse as his first contact with the hitman. Jax thinks Carly is a neglectful mother. What surprising news does Luke have for Tracy regarding their marriage? Patrick plans a special evening for Robin before she leaves for Africa. Lucky helps search for Tracy. Sonny and Claire? Dante will not be happy when he thinks Sonny is hitting on his mom. Is there a bomb in Johnny’s car? Does Edward offer Brook money? With a catch, of course. Something made my ears perk up yesterday. Can anyone guess what it was? I hear there might be a very good reason for it, too.