Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Nick/Agnes: They view each other differently after their trip to New York.

Bridget: She overhears Owen informing Jackie he knows he's the father of Bridget's baby.

Oliver/Steffy: Mr. Jones lets Steffy know he's madly in love with her stepsister. Steffy doesn't let this phase her.

Oliver: His friend, Daddy Yankee sings at Hope's party.

Steffy: She disregards Brooke's demands on not showing up to Hope's party.

Stephen/Pam: They share a kiss. Pam attempts to end her relationship with Stephen, but he keeps pursuing her. He tells her to keep mum about their tryst to Stephanie. Stephen buys a gun and partners up with Mike Guthrie.

Hope's masquerade party: Look for guest to engage in activity they would normally refrain from and a mix up to occur.