Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Carly/Chloe: Dr. Manning implores Chloe to confess her romp to Daniel. Chloe tells Carly it was a mistake and it won't happen again, but Carly's hellbent on the songbird owning up to the dirty deeds. Chloe agrees, but stops when her man comes home to say he wants to get married post-haste! When Daniel starts to list all the things he loves about her, Chloe feels guilty and decides to keep mum, along with Carly. 

Chloe, Daniel and Carly head to Victor's for his wedding. Carly changes her mind about keeping quiet when she speaks with Kate. Kate still has no love lost with her ex-daughter-in-law and brings up Chloe cheating on Lucas with Daniel. Carly realizes Chloe has a habit of cheating on her men and decides to tell Daniel everything.


Fancy face heads to Bo's to chat about Ciara. She tells him all about Ciara's "lies" and her grand tales regarding a treasure chest. Hope's anxious to get to the bottom of Ciara's issues. Bo, meanwhile, wants to have mother and daughter live in harmony and decides to hang out with Ciara more to get to the root of the problem. Hope and Ciara show up just when Victor and Vivian's wedding is over and spot Carly catching the bouquet. A sad Hope tries to downplay everything and decides to chat with her ex about Ciara. Ciara insists she's telling the truth about the box under Hope's bed to Bo and he decides to check for himself, along with Hope. The two are shocked at what they discover.

Victor/Vivian: Madam Alamain hustles her family and friends to the Kiriakis mansion by using Henderson's phone to send out a text message. Everyone heads to the house and when Victor arrives, Vivian declares the two are getting married... NOW! Victor is not happy at the stunt Vivian pulled and neither are their family and friends. Victor isn't thrilled about how fast everything's going. Meanwhile, Maggie congratulates the couple on their wedding. She also figures out that Victor's going along with everything to keep his family safe and has a tender moment with him.

Vivian barges in on the two and isn't happy about her soon-to-be husband's closeness with Maggie, nor does she trust it. Comedy ensues when Victor decides to speak up after the Justice of the Peace asks if anyone has a reason why he and Vivian shouldn't be married. Victor lets everyone know that he's aware of their disgust over him marrying Vivian, who's caused hell for them all. Vivian is shamed to no end by his outburst, but the wedding proceeds. After the wedding ceremony, Victor heads off to throw back a few drinks, while Vivian follows in pursuit. He speaks with Maggie. Vivian catches the two and is hurt by the sight.