General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



So Epiphany and Matt were back in the opening credits. Are they just rotating them with Steve and Lisa? If all four are on contract, then why not have all four in the credits? Very odd.

Brooke Lynn singing at Jake’s has everyone with testosterone stopping in their tracks. From Dante, to Johnny, to Ethan, they’re all smitten and drooling, much to Maxie’s annoyance. Dante and Brooke reunite and reminisce. Lulu shows up and is thrilled to see Brooke, until Brooke starts to talk about Dillon. Then Lulu shuts her down and hustles Dante out of there.

Liz puts on her whiny pants for Lucky, forgets that she’s an adult and begs Lucky to help her with Nikolas. He shuts her down and tells her she’s made her bed. When she throws Windemere at him, he tells her that he’s fine with her moving in with Nikolas with the boys, he’ll just pick them up there on his days. Liz is not a happy camper.

Liz goes back home to find Nikolas waiting for her. He’s still not happy that she’s not taking more time to herself and actually accuses her of trying to end the pregnancy. Liz takes off her whiny pants, puts on her big girl pants and tears a strip off of Nikolas for daring to say such a horrible thing. She orders him out of her house, which he’s none too pleased about.

Line of the day:

Liz to Nik: “So either you need to give me some space and show me some respect or get the hell away from me.”

Michael returns from the infirmary. He and Jason discuss various things, including Sonny and the need for Jason to be in prison to protect Michael. Jason offers to teach Michael some self-defense moves.

Skye comes to Luke with news that Tracy is not in Fiji after all, that someone with her credit cards checked into a hotel but Tracy was never seen. Luke figures Helena has Tracy.

Helena is getting tired of waiting for Luke to buy a clue and indicates her displeasure to Tracy, who’s doing her best to not let Helena dispose of her.

Claire and Jax (whose hair had a fight with a lawn mower and lost) discuss what they can do to help Michael. Both agree that getting Sonny put in jail will go a long way towards getting Michael out.

Claire goes to Lucky to ask if he’s willing to help get Sonny. He’s all for it, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession for Claire.

Brooke goes to Carly and tells her that she didn’t realize Lante were in love. She feels that it will be harder and take much longer to get Dante into bed. Carly offers an extra 50,000 for her troubles.

Dante asks Lulu what’s bothering her and she tells him the truth about her abortion. He accepts it and tells her that he loves her.