Perkie's Observations


Lucky runs into Helena on the docks and asks where she’s been lately. Nikolas arrives and Lucky tears a strip off of him for bothering Liz and suggesting she move the boys into Windemere with Helena there. Helena watches in glee as the brothers snark at each other.

Luke is looking for Tracy, using his horrible German accent and Dr. Vonskimmerman disguise. All it gets him is into the cell with Tracy, who’s none too happy to see him.

Lulu and Dante wake up together, happy with their lot in life. Lulu heads to work, where she tells Maxie that Dante didn’t react badly to the news of the abortion as expected. Claire shows up at Dante’s determined to figure out a way to get Sonny.

Brooke and Carly have another meeting where Carly reminds Brooke that she’s paying her money to sleep with Dante and Brooke mentions again that she doesn’t think it will be that easy. Olivia shows up for small talk. Johnny shows up for Olivia and Brooke shows interest in Johnny, which pisses Carly off. Carly mentions Olivia’s dinner with Sonny, which makes Johnny mad. They fight and he leaves. Olivia’s not happy with Carly for bringing it up. Brooke calls Dante to come over and talk about Olivia.

Lisa flirts with Steven to make Patrick jealous and it works. She then calls Patrick on his jealousy.

Liz asks Robin to talk to Nikolas on her behalf. Robin does, but Nikolas doesn’t understand that he’s being overbearing since Elizabeth is carrying a Cassadine heir.

Bernie comes by to get yelled at by Sonny. Kristina arrives, demanding to know what Sonny’s plan is to get Michael out of jail. Sonny takes full credit for Jason going in to protect Michael and then tries to fend off his daughter’s questions.

Line of the day:

Sonny: “I just found out Claudia was responsible for the shooting and I just lost it.”

Kristina: “I hate Claudia for what she did to Michael. The difference between you and me is that I can hate someone without wanting them dead.”

Sonny summons Claire to his house to tell her to stop coming after him, but rather to go after Johnny. And since it’s a day of the week that ends with a “y”, Sonny tells her about Deke beating him as a child.

Lucky and Johnny meet and Johnny tells him that he’ll hand Sonny to the police on a silver platter.