Perkie's Observations


Claire and Sonny continue to discuss working together to bring down Johnny. He acknowledges that she’s likely playing him, but he figures she’ll do the right thing by Michael.

Jason teaches Michael self defence moves in the prison yard, and I wonder why they aren’t doing that in the privacy of their cell. When Michael walks away, the guard comes over and Jasons’ asks him who attacked MIchael, only to have Michael angrily tell Jason to back off.

Brooke and Dante reminisce. She lays it on thick about Johnny and Olivia fighting. The tone she uses when she says the word “Ma” is also very annoying. Lulu eventually shows up, Brooke leaves, but stands around the corner, listening to Lante’s loving conversation.

Johnny questions Lucky’s motives regarding busting Sonny since Sonny is a family friend. Lucky gets a little annoyed that his police honor is being questioned. Lucky tells Johnny that no matter the mob war, he’ll bring him down just as quickly as he does Sonny, and warns him about Ethan getting hurt.

Tracy and Luke argue about why it took so long for Luke to find her, including insults about his lack of attention to their anniversary. Luke insists that he had celebrations planned but thought Tracy was off on a vacation. Tracy accuses Luke of sleeping with Skye, which he denies.

Skye meets Jax at the Metrocourt and discuss Jax’ need to take Sonny down.

Patrick asks in on Lisa’s surgery, only to have her tell him that Steven is operating with her, which makes Patrick jealous and angry that Steve is horning in on his surgeries. Robin doesn’t understand Patrick’s anger and tells him so.

Brooke runs into Lulu on the street with groceries, and helps her take them to Dante’s place. Brooke asks for Lulu’s help in putting in a good word to Carly, to have Brooke sing at the hotel.

Lucky talks to Dante about possibly taking Johnny down, only to have Dante vehemently tell him that the plan is to get Sonny.

As Johnny’s walking home, Max and Milo stop him, for a chat with Sonny. Seriously Johnny, you couldn’t outrun Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee?