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All My Children Spoilers!


Here's the Scoop!

Why fight it?
Annie and JR continue to fight the heat, Annie even goes as far as telling Scott that anything between her and his cousin it's one sided. JR calls Annie a thief when he catches her taking a vase form the house. Scott lands himself on the cover, an article highlighting Chandler Enterprises, he and Annie celebrate. Please tell me they aren't trying these two again. Stick with JR and Annie! Marisa may not like her daddy but she knows where to go when she needs help getting rid of someone and David is who she turns to for help in booting Annie out of their lives. JR has his own plans, slander. He tips off a blogger to some info on his former step-mom / lover. When Scott and Annie see the blog post claiming that Annie is a liar and murder suspect, JR admits to being the one behind the gossip.

Scott threatens to sue! He tells the blogger to retract what he wrote or he'll sue him. Annie champions Scott and his invention. Scott, in turn, asks Annie to move in with him.

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Jackson is on a mission to find Erica! David wants to know what happened to the diva before anyone else learns the truth. In the mountains, Erica is hallucinating from a fever. Jack hopes Doc Waller can help in his search for Erica. Will Greenlee try to get Jackson to look another way? She's worried about her dad and tells him that right now, Erica needs him to defend her to the SEC who are on their way to look at the books.

Ryan and Madison...
Madison get's caught in a smoky hotel room! Jesse to the rescue. I still think Ryan is out of her league, but apparently Ryan tells Madison he likes her and offers the Casino as a place for her to stay until she finds a new place.

Both Ryan and Greenlee are in Amanda's wedding.
David wants to keep Greenlee away from that wedding. Rylee seem to be back on track until Ryan brings up Erica. He questions her part in the scandal. Will Greenlee have a vision of her nemesis? Apparently so as she is left shaken and collapses in her hubby's arms.

Liza won't give up on breaking Damon and Colby up.
Even when her daughter offers her a truce as long as she just backs off. A message for Colby to "hook up" with Damon sets Liza off so much so that she hires an exotc dancer to seduce Damon. Who are you Liza? Carly Corinthos?

CRAZY and RANDOM... Marissa tells Annie to stay away from her husband. Annie says it must suck that JR wants me more than he wants you. Burn! Tad is trying to make Damon feel a part of the fam. Caleb tells Erica her leg is broken. Madison wants to keep things "casual" with Ryan. Colby asks Tad to talk to Liza and tell her that Damon is a good kid.