General Hospital Spoilers!


Here's the Scoop!

One way to get to a man's heart, through his stomach! Brook Lynn is cooking Dante dinner and the two trade stories about the old neighborhood. Lulu gets there and has some good news, she's found Brook a job, with Carly. Sorry Lulu, jokes on you, Brook Lynn already got the gig. After the dinner dishes are clean, Lulu and Dante hit the sack and the sheets. I mentioned already the Quartermaines offer Brook a place to stay, which she turns down, but this gives her a little leverage over Carly. She lets Carly know that she does have options should she decided to not go along with Carly's crazy plan. We all know that Carly also listens to the tune of her own drummer and tells Brook to use Olivia as a way to get under Lulu's skin. It's Carly who turns Brook from old friend to new neighbor when she rents the apartment across the hall from Dante.

Sonny tells Olivia... "I'm going to kill your boyfriend!" He wants Johnny dead. Diane lets her client know that without Jason he doesn't stand a chance of taking out Johnny.

The Sonny - Johnny feud is only going to get worse. Kristina wants to know if her father abused Claudia. It's her dreaming of Kiefer that has her seeking out Johnny. After hearing Johnny's recounting of Sonny and Claudia's marriage, Kristina feels that her abusive boyfriend sounds an awful lot like her dad. Remember I mentioned Sonny attending therapy with his daughter at Alexis's urging? And that the mobster has a little meltdown at the session? What sets him off? Kristina drawing comparisons between him and Kiefer. Does Kristina think she allowed Kiefer to abuse her because he reminded her of daddy? That's what she confides in Ethan when she sees him after the abruptly ended therapy session.

Luke fell for the trap... Thor "helps" him find Tracy and they are locked up together. Oh that Helena! Does that seem a little too cartoonish? Tracy is sick and Luke needs to bust them out! Tracy is getting worse too fans and her hubby demands to see Hells. Forget it Spencer, Helena will refuse to help.

Michael, Michael, Michael... despite the storyline, I find myself a little bored with this storyline. I know I have my bias that is probably clouding my judgement, since I do truly believe this can be a really great storyline. However, I feel like it has literally become the Michael show with someone I personally do not care to watch. Also, I feel like all I spoil about is Michael. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha... Michael, Michael, Michael. By know means am I trying to make light of the storyline, as there seems to be more brutality ahead. Jason already mentioned teaching Michael some self defense, well while they are in the yard practicing when Jason asks about Carter. Is Michael obviously scared when he tells Jason that Carter is dangerous? When Jason has some visitors and Michael is left alone in their cell, will he have a visitor of his own?

So who's keeping Jason away from Michael? Dante... and it looks like Spinelli as well. Dante really came to see his brother however he got Jason instead. Apparently the prisoner's call the shots at Pentonville. Jason tells Dante he will not see Michael until he comes with Michael's release. The Jackal drops by to visit Stonecold and Jason learns that Carly has sucked Spinelli into one of her screwed up plans.

Ohhh Elizabeth... and Nikolas and Lucky. The brothers are fighting again. I must say that I had such high hopes for this brother vs. brother storyline and really, this is another storyline that just isn't hitting the right note with me. Sadly, it includes one of my favorite characters. Back to the fighting, Lucky puts a stop to it, hoping to put an end to all the mistakes. Elizabeth wants Nikolas to respect her need for her own space. The Prince knows best saying he can offer them all a better life. Is this why Elizabeth is looking for a way to make some extra money by investing in a pharmaceutical company? Remind me writers, didn't Jason set her up so she wouldn't need to worry about money? Made it look as if Emily paid for her house and set up bank accounts for the boys. That is where this money is coming from for her to invest in the pharmaceutical company, right?

One happy couple, please? That is all I ask for. I know in the soap world, couples have their run, break up and then reunite. Now, in fairness, the bump that Scrubs are about to hit, is one that they SEEM to get over. Robin commits to volunteer work in Africa for three months. Problem is, she doesn't talk it over with her husband first. Scrubs sit down and hash it out, deciding that Robin will go to Africa.

Before she heads out... Maxie confides in her cousin that her brother in law is all she can think about. Matt is pretty pleased with himself. Maxie is still using Dr. Hunter to get to her non-husband. She fakes a call to the doc in Spin's presence.

RANDOM and CRAZY... Brook scores another dinner invite over at Dante's. Lulu doesn't like the "deep connection" between her boyfriend and his old pal. Sam and Jason are denied a conjugal visit due to their unmarried status. Jason is attacked by Carter. Jason tells Sam he plans on killing him. What is Michael confessing now? Is Patrick getting jealous in front of Maxie? Remember those RUMORS I mentioned about Jason getting a message from Franco through Carter? It looks like Carter has a "surprising message" for the mob enforcer. Brook apparently likes to drop by her neighbor's in nothing but bath towels. Carly wants Sonny locked up? Did Michael learn enough self defense?