One Life to Live Spoilers!


Markko is arrested!
Did he do it? Attempted murder is the charge, but was there a little slip in the ABC Soap Scoop this past week? Michael Nouri asked ‘who killed Ford?’ Slip or bad writing? Is there another suspect? Remember I mentioned Todd having Hannah followed? Well it looks like he thinks she may have tried to kill the teaching assistant and former lover. Do we have a serial attempted murderess in Llanview? Markko and Cole become roomies once again as Markko is placed in the jail cell next to Cole’s.

Rain is not good luck for Bo and Nora on their wedding day.
A big storm is heading towards Llanview and ready to pour down on the Bride and Groom. Craziness ensues and Nora is a hobbling, one eye seeing and toothless bride with green hair thanks to Roxy. The groom isn’t fairing any better as a skunk has been trapped inside the church. When they try to get rid of the skunky smell, the singer loses her voice. Will these two make it to wedded bliss? Bo is determined to make Nora his wife. Too bad for Bo, the skunk ain’t having it and sprays him! It doesn’t end there, trust me, I wish it would as this all seems a bit too over the top for my tastes. Nora’s dress catches on fire too! Thankfully, Nora’s hair is fixed, Gigi has the perfect dress, Blair steps in as the singer, Jessica tracks down a dental student to fix Nora’s tooth and the hobbling miraculously goes away with the eye patch. Not so fast my friends, where’s Andrew? Without a priest, who will marry them? David Vickers?

Natalie and Brody agree to keep their tryst to themselves.
Should we take bets on how many times they’ll discuss keeping this a secret? They’ll both reconnect with their respective loves. Jessica worries over her almost “first time” with Ford.

Dani is already breaking Matthew’s heart.
She didn’t respond to his ‘I Love You’ and when Destiny asks, he tells her Dani still hasn’t said anything about it. This must be Destiny’s thing as she spies Nate planting a kiss on Dani. Sticking up for her best bud, Destiny tells Dani she better tell Matthew about that kiss or she will.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Ford gets a family member. A brother in a new contract role! Crazy right? Nicholas Robuck has been cast as the scumbag's bro and he already has a little story of his own. Shortly after he arrives, someone comes looking for him. Rex and Gigi on the road to reconciliation. What is Langston confessing? Who is Starr meeting? Kelly hires a new employee at the paper… Jessica! David makes Viki an offer. Lindsay sends a wedding gift to her old flame and his new bride.