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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Arianna: She remembers an important clue.

Jennifer: She gets a gander of Bo's divorce papers.

Philip: He implores to Chloe to keep mum about their romp.

Melanie: She wonders why Chloe's so hard-pressed to get hitched.

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Vivian/Chloe/Carly/Daniel: Madam Alamain convinces the songbird the best way to get rid of Carly is to kill her. Chloe is shocked and flat out refuses to be party to such a plan. When Carly warns Chloe she must tell Daniel about cheating on him before their wedding. Chloe has a nightmare about being treated like dirt by Daniel after coming clean. Suddenly, Viv's plan doesn't seem like such a bad one.

Chloe contacts Vivian's henchman who tampers with the hospital's elevator to kill Carly. Chloe starts to realize the plan wasn't such a  good idea after all and tries to call it off. Will she get there in time?

Hope: She cracks when she gets word of Grandma Horton's health. Later, she a nice moment with... Dr Baker (color me shocked too). Meanwhile, Dr. Baker starts to figure out Nightime Hope isn't only out mug Bo— She wants him dead!

EJ: He thinks Nicole may know something about the muggings. Later he consoles Arianna when Brady spots them.

Rafe/Shane: The two hatch a plot to break out of jail.