Chad Duell Talks Digging Tom Cruise, Playing "Tough Kid" Michael on GH

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General Hospital


Chad Duell

chatted with


 about how megastar

Tom Cruise

inspired him to be an actor.

“He’s the reason I’m doing what I’m doing,” Chad tells Crushable during a break between filming scenes on the ABC soap opera. And if he had to work with anyone in the business, “It would be him.”

The actor also gives his take on how he views his alter ego, Michael.

"He’s a tough kid,” says Chad. “He doesn’t want to be in the mob. If you’re ever a kid .. . in jail with scary people around you, you’re gonna be a freaked-out shell of a kid. … I like showing more sides to him. I want (to show) his heart more than his anger. I don’t want him to be one way.”