Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Phyllis: She searches for Sharon. Meanwhile, her rival is close to death.

Lily: Her will is discovered.

JT: He tells Tucker his days of being a rat for him are over.

Heather: She finds a bomb.

Jana: She asks the bank for a loan.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire (you can laugh too) fills Ashley in on wanting Beauty of Nature. Ash debates if going up against Victor's worth the headache.

Chance: A life-altering development occurs which prevents him from answering Chloe.

Phyllis: She decides she's going to be the problem solver regarding Nick/Sharon and her own issues.

Emily: Her life turns from bad to just shitty when she gets arrested after finding out her license to practise medicine won't be snatched. Emily's bail is set at $2 million dollars and she finds out from drug enforcement agents someone's been using her prescription pad. Jack and Paul find out Patty is the one behind Emily's misfortunes. Old Smilin' Jack has Michael represent his lady love. The legal eagle finds out Emily's prescription pad has been in use all over the country. Jack offers to pay Em's bail but she shuts him down.

Emily pays her own bail but is flat broke and isn't able to foot the bill for her stay at the GCAC. Jack learns of her predicament and extends an invite to use the Abbott pool house. Emily accepts but lets Jack know she's going to pay rent once she's able to work again. Meanwhile, Emily fills Michael in on her brother Jamie and his drug. Patty has a breakdown at the nut house and is sedated. Later, Paul goes to visit her to get information on Emily's pad but all she keeps saying is "brother." Paul thinks Patty's referring to him.

Billy/Victoria: Their secret marriage is known by all courtesy of Abby. The heiress tells Victor about the nuptials and he's not a happy camper. JT rips into Victoria for being rash and impetuous. Victoria heads over to Billy's trailer where the two hit the sheets. Victor shows up and has a showdown with his daughter and new son-in-law. Victor accuses Billy of marrying Victoria as a means to get revenge.

Billy denies Victor's claims and declares his love for Victoria. Victor demands Victoria head back to the ranch with him and she defies him by refusing. Billy and Victor get into a fight. After he leaves, Billy tries to worm his way out of his claims of loving Victoria. She gets embarrassed and shuts herself in the bathroom. He cajoles her out and the two have a tender moment regarding staying hitched. Later, Michael finds out their marriage isn't legally binding..

Chloe: The fashionista's not thrilled to learn Billy is married. She shows her feelings to him with five fingers and a palm (a slap).

Abby: The Newman/Carlton/Abbott heiress shoots down Ashley's suggestions regarding her reality show. Meanwhile, Ashley gets nervous about going to court over Abby's trust fund. Abby attempts to sneak her hidden camera in the proceedings but winds up getting busted. Her producer Kent comes through for her by giving her glasses with a camera built in. Abby gets pissed when the judge sides with her parents regarding her trust.

Nick/Phyllis: The Newmans visit Patty to find out what she knows regarding Adam and Richard Hightower. Patty flips when she spots Phyllis. She calms down and tells Nick about there being two Adams. Things starts to look bleak for Nick when Owen the D.A decides to speed up Nick's trail and wants Heather to look into Frank's attack. Heather on the other hand tells Michael she wants to assist him with Nick's case. Nick tells Victor about his chat with Patty.

Victor/Sharon: The black knight pledges to figure out who's responsible for Adam's "death" and decides the truth lies with his body. He and Sharon get news they aren't able to claim Adam's "body."

Cricket: Yeah I still call that and what of it? She returns this summer to help Chance.