Blind Items: Soap Superstar's Return Slated for August! Plus MORE Soap Riddles!


Blow out the candles. No more need for rain dances, or vigils, the season of silk pajamas, tramp stamps and sexy giggles is (almost) officially upon us. Word is SHE returns on screen in August. Just when I thought all hope was lost (sheds tear of unadulterated fanboy joy before going to listen to Prince). All pretenders to the throne beware, the original is on her way...

Which showrunner is royally pissed off that an actress who played an iconic role on his or her soap in the 80's is currently winning critical raves in a recurring role on a soap on another coast? Apparently the thesp-in-question was asked to return for a VSP (Very Special Episode) by her old soaping grounds in recent years, yet declined (Well her character did die onscreen!). Sounds like a soap-within-a-soap to me.

Don't be surprised if a soap guest star ends up sticking around indefinitely. Apparently the brass has become very enamored by the actor and are thinking of offering him or her a contract.

One soap recently shifted everything storywise, preparing for the return of one of their most popular blasts from the past, only for the divo to decide at the last minute he'd rather have a V-8.

People in the know are chuckling about how one soap loves to brag about having big names "on contract" to make it appear like a big get, when said contracts are always for very limited runs, sometimes as little as 40-something episodes. Talk about spin.

Although TPTB hate a former soap star, who fans desperately want back on the soap, everytime the ratings dip too low, talk of bringing the actor back comes up.

People are starting to whisper the words "burned out" about one daytime writer.

Actors on one soap are scratching their heads about the storylines even moreso than the fans.

As if being snubbed for a Daytime Emmy nod wasn't enough, one of daytime's recent breakout stars is on his or her way out, due to a soap entering into another round of insane budget cuts this summer. Expect more blood.

One soap was so pissed off that a former actor landed a gig on a rival network, they actually attempted to leak nasty lies about the star! SCAN-DAL-OUS!

A real-life couple on one soap is pushing TPTB to let them work together onscreen. Yeah, 'cause that always turns out so well.

This one soap is just about ready to tell a demanding-but-insanely-popular diva where to go, and even has a contingency plan—a superstar from a recently cancelled soap, who is just itchin' to join the cast of said show.

Which E.P. has made such a sport of pissing off longterm, beloved stars of his show, that the network is starting to grow fearful no one will even come back to help celebrate a rather, um "poignant" moment in the show's history?

Residuals, what residuals? SOAPnet getting the Kish treatment in 18 months has industry peeps, who depended on the residual checks the cabler provided, post massive budget cuts and the financial shakedown of the Writers' Strike, smarting.

Which beloved, former soap couple is rumored to have been offered the chance to reunite on the hit reality competition series The Amazing Race?