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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sam visits Jason in prison, tells him they can’t have conjugal visits because they aren’t married and then proposes to him. Jason turns her down because he wants her to have her freedom if he’s in longer than expected. Personally, I just think he’s saving himself for Sonny.

Olivia accuses Sonny of trying to kill Johnny, just as Claire arrives to overhear. Olivia flounces off to find Johnny at Jake’s, while Claire and Sonny argue about his intentions towards Johnny.

Lulu runs into Carly and asks her if Brooke can sing at the Metrocourt. When Lulu leaves, Carly rubs her hands, twirls her moustache and laughs maniacally that her plan is coming together.

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Brooke and Dante reminisce while she teaches him how to cook spaghetti sauce, which, as an Italian, should already be in his DNA. They’re sharing the meal when Lulu arrives and tells them Carly’s ok with Brooke singing at the hotel. When Lante get comfy, Brooke leaves.

Maxie tries to engage Spinelli in adult conversation, only to have him continue to wallow in self-pity. Apparently, the grasshopper didn’t realize that the criminal hit man could, some day, actually go to prison and leave him. Maxie leaves to find Matt, who’s flirting with Maya to annoy Maxie. But he then agrees to meet Maxie at Jake’s, where they flirt and share a kiss, apparently to make Spinelli jealous. I fail to understand how that can happen, since Spinelli’s sitting at home, in his pyjamas, braiding his own hair.

Carly shows up at Spinelli’s to remind him that the evil Dante is responsible for global warming – and Michael’s incarceration.

Kate and Coleman have a brief, blink and you miss it, moment. Diane tries to cheer up a depressed Max, who’s sad that he didn’t give Michael a hooker for his birthday as promised. Eeewww.

Olivia tears a strip off of Johnny for flippantly ignoring the fact that Sonny can get someone else to kill him (since Sonny never does the dirty work himself). She flounces off again, just as Brooke arrives and sets her sights on Johnny.

Lucky decides to punch a wall, just as Maya is walking by. They make cute and I say, Mucky anyone?

Carly shows up at Sonny’s, just as he’s trying to make cute with Claire (which makes me gag at the thought of Claire being sullied by Sonny). When Claire leaves, Carly tells Sonny to hit that, and fast, so she can get Michael out of prison faster.