General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Luke and Tracy are not married! That’s the confession Luke is making to his wife and it certainly explains away all that re-marrying Laura stuff. I know, I know, it was a fake wedding. Luke tells his wife that their Vegas wedding was a big old sham of a marriage and that he wants to marry her for real this time. Will Tracy be too mad to marry Luke in true Quartermaine style?

Nikolas asks Ethan to help search… he refuses. Tracy is getting worse as the time goes by, she’ll even start to hallucinate. Lucky arrives in costume— wouldn’t daddy be proud— as a drifter. Nikolas realizes it’s his brother, but too bad for the Prince as Lucky locks him up in the dungeon. Does Nik help to get Luke and Tracy free first?

Memories… Brook knows how to get to Dante and that is by taking a walk down memory lane. After giggling over the time an aunt walked in on them and thought they were doing the deed, Lulu asks if the two do know each other in the biblical sense. When Lulu finds Brook Lynn moving in next door, she tells Dante about his new neighbor and he couldn’t be happier. Dante is the reassuring boyfriend telling Lulu he loves her and takes her to bed despite some earlier issues in that department.  Brook comes a knocking in nothing but a towel, apparently having locked herself out. Be careful Brook, Carly may be paying you, but Lulu is the one with Spencer in her. When Brook comes over to return Dante’s shirt, Lulu wants to know why Brook is making the moves on Dante. Does Brook Lynn have another plan up her sleeve? She offers to be the “go between” for father and son. Something Lulu refused when Sonny asked.

Speaking of Carly and her horribly planned plans… She tells Sonny her revenge plot is against Dante is a thing of the past. Will he believe her? Jason knows Carly dragged Spinelli into this mess and asks the Jackal exactly what she has planned for Dante and Lulu.

Dante goes off on his pops… He walks in on a conversation between Olivia and Sonny. Olivia thinks Sonny needs to get some help with his issues regarding abuse. When Dante gets there, he accuses daddy dearest of trying to get mommy into bed.

What about therapy with Kristina? Well we all know that ends in a blow up and despite that, Sonny offers to try again, but Kristina says she’s done making excuses for him. When Sonny pays Michael a visit, they talk about Kristina. Later on, Kristina visits her brother and declares her hatred for their father. Of course, Michael is quick to defend Sonny.

Krissy has a plan… Apparently none of the women of Port Charles pay attention to each other or their terrible plans. If they did, they would learn that estrogen and plots do not mix well. I already mentioned that Kristina has this plan to pretend date Johnny as a way to piss off Sonny. There is a scene where Johnny puts his arm around Krissy and she reacts badly, still not comfortable after the trauma she’s been through. Sam’s sisterly radar goes off, thinking that Johnny is using her little sister as another way to get at Sonny. It’s Kristina who goes to Johnny with the plan of pretending to be together to get back at daddy.

Carter goes after Jason! Is anyone able to get one up on Jason Morgan? Not this time. Jason wants to know what Carter did to Michael, but Carter runs off before any answers are given. Michael does tell Jason that it was Carter who hurt him, but will Michael tell Jason exactly what happened? It looks like Michael will struggle with putting into words exactly what went down when Carter attacked him. Is this where the viewers are left to use their own interpretation? Remember I mentioned that Jason confides in Sam his plans to put Carter six feet under? Well, when Michael realizes that his uncle is going after his attacker, he once again begs him to leave it alone.

Carter apparently doesn’t scare that easily. You’d think that when a well known hit-man is after you, you would back off. Not Carter! He jumps at the opportunity when Michael is left alone in the cell he shares with Jason. Will that self-defense training pay off?

Too cliché? A standoff in the prison showers? Apparently, Jason finds out when Carter takes his shower and sets his plan around then. The two have a “standoff” and Jason stabs Carter in the stomach, killing him. Remember that message? Carter’s last dying words are a message to Jason from his artist friend, ‘Franco says hi.’ He’s not the only one receiving messages from the crazy artist, Dante gets a photo from Franco. Is Jason going up on murder charges or will he strike a deal with the warden?

Does anyone care about the Scrubs, Lisa and Steven storyline? It’s almost insulting to my intelligence to watch it. RUMORS say that Steve and Lisa are doing the nasty though.

RUMORS about the car bomb… So many questions about this one. Like I’ve said, as far as I know, Olivia is alive through the end of July. Now, there is some more information about that pesky car bomb but you might want to find a salt shaker, just in case. It looks like Sonny will plant a bomb under Johnny’s car. It’s POSSIBLE that Kristina MAY try to stop this from happening. Alexis will not be happy that her daughter is messing with the mob. Now, the one RUMOR that is sticking out is that Olivia is Sonny’s alibi, so IF that is true, she can’t be dead, now can she? Is Luke involved? RUMOR has it, he tells Ethan about the bomb who rushes to get to Johnny. Will he wind up being Kristina’s savior once again? Is someone dying?

Baby Napping… as in Kidnapping. Helena gets her hands on Elizabeth’s baby and Tracy, who is at GH when the hospital goes on lockdown, is RUMORED to see Helena with the baby. Now, keep those salt shakers handy, there is some CHATTER that the baby is not gone all that long, just long enough for Helena to further her plan. When the baby goes missing, will it APPEAR to be GH’s fault?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Claire wants information on Franco from Jason. Is Franco her latest case? Is Dante coming through for Michael? It looks like Judge Carroll is making a decision about Michael. Ethan is officially becoming Johnny’s second in command. Sonny sees Kristina with Johnny. It looks like Johnny and Olivia are on the road to splitsville. I’ve been talking about that one for awhile now. Jax may be the one helping Skye locate Lorenzo’s money now that Luke is a bit busy. Carly tells Sonny they had an emotionally abusive relationship. Will Elizabeth’s investment land her in trouble? RUMOR has it that Spinelli accuses Lucky of stealing his non-wife. Is Nikolas kicking psycho granny to the curb? Is Tracy kicking Luke to the curb? RUMORS say Lucky MAY have a roommate and Tracy MAY have Luke picked up for trespassing. When Michael is released, is he released to Dante? That’s what I am hearing. Will Luke skip town when Tracy refuses to forgive him?