One Life to Live Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop!

A whole lot of love going on! Jessica and Brody, Natalie and John, Blair and Eli and an almost but not quite for Kelly and Reed; yep, all of these couples are hitting the sheets. Rex and Gigi decide to take it slow while Dani breaks Matthew’s heart after his parents tie the knot. Cold!

Bo and Nora finally say I Do! I’m not one for all the hilarious shenanigans, at least not as many as Bo and Nora had to incur to tie the knot. After all is said and done, they admit they would have married each other no matter what the circumstances. Lindsay sends a gift, as I mentioned already, it’s a personalized license plate!

Cold, I tell ya! Dani tells Matthew that while she cares about him, she’s not in love with him. Is Matthew not really a ladies’ man?

Brody tells Jessica he was ready to give up… well you kind of did when you nailed her sister. Just saying. Now that Brody has his lady love back, he promises to never give up on her. The couple celebrates their reunion with a roll in the sack.

Kelly wants to roll in the sack with Reed … but she needs some help. She’ll ask David to help her get rid of her shadow, aka Shaun, so that she can be alone with her man. The pair is distracted before they can roll with it.

John tells Natalie he still would be sitting there with that dumb look on his face had she not wrote that letter. These two also celebrate with a little love in the afternoon. Do I smell a who’s the daddy storyline? Especially after we have to sit through Brody and Natalie promising to keep their one night stand to themselves.

Now that we got all the lovey dovey stuff out the way… Who dunnit? Really, this storyline is what’s mainly holding my attention right now. Well that and Todd Manning. Ford is still in the ICU and here comes his brother James. Before he asks to see Ford though, Hannah pays the TA a visit and tells him he got what was coming to him.

Langston confesses! That’s one way to get your man back. She tells John she went back to Ford’s that night and he sent her packing. She goes on to say that when he gave her the cold shoulder; she clocked him over the head. John knows Langston is lying and decides to let her go and Markko too.

What about James… well he visits and Ford wakes up! John questions Ford, asking if he knows who his assailant was. James tells his brother that someone tried to kill him. While he’s at the hospital, James sees someone showing his picture. Remember I said shortly after he arrives, someone else comes looking for him. So, James hits town, a man is looking for him, then Dani and Nate find a bag of cash… gee are the two things related?

Hannah, oh Hannah… even Marty starts to doubt this girl. She flat out asks Todd, did you or didn’t you? Marty looks into whether or not Starr and Todd are right about Hannah. SPOILER has it; John walks in on Hannah throwing threats in Marty’s direction.

Are Charlie, Viki and Dorian getting a little playing time? When Markko’s mom takes Dorian to task over her parenting skills, Charlie gives Dorian a hug in comfort. Does Dorian feel more than comfort? When Charlie and Dorian are caught in a “compromising position” David offers his services to Viki. Half dressed and hands all over Mrs. Charlie Banks? Charlie and Dorian want to know what is going on.

Todd knows about Tea! He pulls a Blair, sort of, and sneaks in to Dr. Evans’s office where he reads Tea’s file. Tea finds out that the radiation has done little to shrink the size of her tumor. Todd “rushes” to be by Tea’s side and will go with her to her radiation appointment.

CRAZY and RANDOM… James hides out in Viki’s cabin. Well, just make yourself right at home. Rex and Gigi are on the path back to each other. Rex decides to stop looking for his dad. Starr and Hope are carjacked! Will the money Nate found be a problem? Graduation Day! More James, some calls him with a threat. Langston has some guilt to deal with. Has Nate found a good way to use that money? Is Cole getting sprung? Did one of the alters try to kill Ford?