Slate Wonders if Daytime Talk Shows Are Over

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Everyone, including yours truly, has chimed in on whether or not the soap genre, like BP's good reputaion, is a thing of the past. Now, 

has published an essay questioning if daytime talk shows are out like a jheri curl, since

Tyra Banks

decided to pull the plug on her own gab-fest.  

Part of the shift away from talk shows has to do with the rise of reality TV, which began to take over the televised confessional in the early aughts. These new shows offered revelations, drama, and an opportunity for the viewing audience to judge without a host shaping the proceedings. Plus, with reality shows you get to watch these individuals for several episodes. "People are hungry to see people grow and change over the years," says Dominick Pupa, who worked as a producer on the Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, and Maury Povich shows, explaining the appeal of shows like the Real Housewives series.