General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Kristina has a dream that Kiefer is in her room, wanting to go to the beach. When she refuses, he turns into mean Kiefer and she wakes up screaming. Molly comes running in to defend her sister and somehow the topic turns to whether or not Sonny is abusive to women. Molly checks online, but sees nothing, although I wonder if she stumbled upon the whole “cop shot in Corinthos living room” story.

Diane and Sonny are discussing his intentions towards Johnny. He’s ticked that Johnny lied on the stand about Sonny abusing Claudia. Shoot his own son in the chest in the middle of his living room? Yes. Hit a woman? No.

Sonny tells Diane that he’s made a deal with Claire. She’s on the same wavelength that Carly was on, and tells Sonny to just sleep with Claire and get it over with. Has anyone thought that maybe Claire doesn’t want to sleep with a criminal who shoots people in his living room? But then again, he’s never hit a woman.

Liz walks in on Shirley selling jewelry to Nikolas. After she accuses him of basically stalking her, he storms off and Shirley tries to get Liz to see how unfair she’s being.

Line of the day:

Shirley to Liz: “Are you just rewriting history because you regret that affair to the bottom of your soul?”

Liz catches up with Nikolas and apologizes. She offers to meet him halfway, but demands he do it on her terms, which is to keep her independence and not take his money. He reminds her that he doesn’t hit women. Oh no wait, that’s Sonny’s story.

Patrick wants to have lunch and spend time with Robin, but she informs him that she has a meeting with an AIDS Committee muckety-muck. This ticks off Patrick, who feels she’s spending too much time memorializing Stone’s death.

Patrick and Matt discuss Matt’s interest in Maxie. Maxie discusses with Robin her interest in Matt. Robin asks Patrick to join her for lunch. There, she tells him that she’ll be heading to Africa for three weeks, which does not make Patrick happy. And I ask the question, what about Emma?

Luke’s attempts to get out of the jail cell don’t work; nor does pretending to the guard that Tracy is sick. Turns out, Tracy is really sick.

When Claire comes by Sonny’s to let him know that she questioned Johnny, he’s upset that she would listen to anything that Johnny had to say. He insists that he doesn’t abuse women and asks if she believes him. She’s reserving judgement, and I wonder why she doesn’t look down and see the Dante blood stain on the carpet.

Alexis asks Sonny to play nice during the therapy sessions; but since he doesn’t actually give a crap about his kids, especially the one with the girl parts, he decides maybe he shouldn’t join Kristina for her parent/therapy sessions.

Kristina summons Johnny to the house and asks him point blank if he was telling the truth about Sonny hitting Claudia. I remind everyone again how Dante ended up with a bullet hole in his chest and how Carly spent many a day in Shadybrook. But hey, at least Sonny never hit a woman.