Was He, Or Wasn't He? GH's Bob Guza Speaks About "Rape" Storyline

In an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, General Hospital head writer Bob Guza spoke about the storyline that ABC has been tight lipped about. Was Michael (Chad Duell) raped or not?


TVGuide.com: Why the veil of secrecy over this story line? Has Michael been raped or not?

Guza: I have never confirmed that he was and I'm not about to. Our focus right now is on the horrific experience of an 18- or 19-year-old who is thrown into a terrible situation like this. I just didn't want to make the story more specific at this point. However, that's not to say that I won't be getting very specific in three or four or five months down the line. This situation is going to rear its ugly head in a big way and Michael is going to have to deal with it. This is a story that needs to be parceled out.

Guza also confirms that Michael's stay in Pentonville is not for much longer and that his release comes "in a very interesting way." Are fans ready for the rollercoaster ride of "Was he?" or "Wasn't he?"