AMC's Michael Nouri to Zap2it: "I Have Great Respect For The People Who do Daytime"

Veteran primetime actor Michael Nouri gave new All My Children leading lady and the rest of the daytime community mad props in a recent interview with Zap2it.com. The Brothers and Sisters guest star, who appeared on Search for Tomorrow in the 70's, compared and contrasted what it was like for soap actors then and now.


"I have great respect for the people who do daytime television," Nouri adds. "Back in the days when I did 'Search,' we had teleprompters (displays showing dialogue or other instructions) ... which never worked for me. I found them to be very distracting.

"Now actors have to learn pages and pages of dialogue, and I'm not used to that. We'll see how that goes for me. Susan (Lucci) is going to be my teacher."

You know, I haven't really been feeling the whole Mountain Man story, probably because I saw it like 20 years ago on Santa Barbara with Eden and Zane, but if Nouri keeps giving interviews I just might cut the story some slack!

Photo by PR Photos