General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Brooke and Carly fine tune their eeevil plan to have Brooke seduce Dante, when Edward shows up at the hotel. He is thrilled to see his great-granddaughter, going so far as to offer to give her a boatload of money. Carly looks a little concerned that Brooke will solve her money woes elsewhere, so she lays it on pretty thick about what Edward wants in exchange, namely for Brooke to go back to school and to live at the mansion. Brooke turns Edward down and plows ahead with the original plan.

Nikolas continues to remind Elizabeth that he has more money than God and she’s just a lowly peasant on a single nurse's salary. Way to get in her good graces, there. Later, Cameron asks Liz if he can go to summer camp, but she says it’s too expensive. However, she overhears Steve and Lisa discussing some stock market venture that will make people rich and a little lightbulb goes off over her head.

Johnny and Kristina continue to discuss Sonny and the hair splitting of physical abuse versus verbal abuse. Johnny tells her that he never saw Sonny hit Claudia, but she did have bruises on her arms from Sonny’s mishandling. Now, I don’t remember that, so I wonder if that was Johnny fudging the truth just a little.

Alexis arrives home and is not that thrilled to see Johnny in her living room. When she dismisses Kristina, she questions Johnny’s truthfulness, but Johnny is very forthcoming about his hatred for Sonny and his inability to understand those who defend him.

Line of the day:

Johnny to Alexis: "That’s who Sonny is. He degrades and bullies women. He’s going to continue to do it until you people stop making excuses for him.”

Robin and Patrick continue to fight about her sudden decision to go to Africa, leaving her family behind. She storms off. When she comes back, Patrick has had a change of heart, and has made arrangements to go with her. However, while she was out, she had her own change of heart, and cancelled her place on the team. Patrick tells her to go and that he’ll go with her next time.

Tracey continues to be sick and cranky to Luke, who’s only trying to help her. She dreams that she’s in prison for fraud, which would have been Luke’s fault and that Luke is off dallying with Skye and Alexis. The truly funny part of that dream was when Alexis sashayed into the room. The rest gets tedious, because I can only take so much of Tracey shrieking at Luke for things he hasn’t actually done yet.

Carly tells Brooke to make nice with Olivia to get to Dante, so Brooke does. They go to Dante’s to cook dinner for him and Lulu. When Lulu arrives, she seems a little put off at the closeness between Olivia and Brooke.

In the weirdest scene I’ve seen in awhile, Spinelli shows up at the Metrocourt lobby in his pyjamas and blathers to Carly about not having Maxie find out what they are up to, since she’ll tell Lulu the truth. Carly insists that wouldn’t be good for Lulu and my head hurts from trying to understand what that was all about.

Michael and Jason continue with the self-defense lessons. Carter shows up and makes nice, and Jason questions whether he was the one who hit Michael, but Michael denies it. And I wonder again, if Carter was dropped once too often on his head as a child, that he’s willing to take on a mob hitman.

When Dante shows up to see Michael, Jason shows up instead.