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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Julie: She tells Sami not to screw up like she (Julie) did.

Nicole: She comes upon Brady out cold from drinking.

Hope: Fancy face overhears Julie and Maggie talking about Grandma Horton's health. The ladies inform Hope that their beloved Alice is dying. Hope is crushed when she gets the news and heads off to tell Bo. Hope heads over to Bo's, tells him that Gran's dying and crumbles in his arms. The two share a tender moment, talking about Alice, when Jennifer shows up. While the cousins console one another, Jennifer glimpses the divorce papers. She attempts to place them back where she found them, but Hope spots them. Hope suffers yet another blow and is crushed to see that Bo's going full steam ahead with the divorce plans.

Bo breaks the news to Caroline regarding Alice's health, and tells her he spoke with Mrs. H. about divorcing Hope. Grandma Horton gave Bo some advice on their marriage, resulting in his decision to speak to Fancy Face about a divorce. Bo heads to the Horton house, discovers she saw the divorce papers and apologizes for the timing of it all. Hope knows he had no idea about Gran's illness and isn't upset over it. Hope nudges Bo to talk to Alice, since he's always able to make her laugh.

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Chloe: The songbird frets over her secret coming out via Father Matt.

Chloe/Carly: Chloe decides to stop the dastardly plan she and Vivian embarked on. Chloe attempts to stop Carly from getting in the elevator and the two start to tussle. Chloe shoves Carly out, but winds up tumbling backwards into the elevator. She ends up twisting her ankle and plunges inside the sabotaged elevator. Carly gets help for Chloe and Daniel manages to get the doors open. Lexie and Carly rush Chloe in for emergency surgery to ease the pressure on her brain. Chloe comes out of surgery and will make a full recovery.

Chloe and Carly have a chat where the good doctor tells Chloe she will keep quiet about her indiscretion. Philip visits Chloe and when the two talk about their tryst, Daniel overhears! Chloe covers with a bogus lie, saying she confides in Philip and didn't want Daniel to know, since it will make their situations awkward. Chloe sends Philip off to the apartment for a wedding present she bought Daniel. When Daniel sees the gift, it prompts him to tell Chloe he wants to get married now. Carly gets word of their plans and implores Chloe to tell Daniel the truth, but she ignores her pleas. Daniel and Chloe are in the process of getting married when Carly busts in and Chloe starts to buckle under the pressure.

Nathan/Melanie: Ex-loves quash the lingering feelings they have for each other.

EJ/Nicole: The Dimera heir eavesdrops on his ex-wife Nicole teasing Arianna at jail. EJ and Nicole have a showdown, in which he tells her he thinks that she's behind the muggings. Nicole denies this and tries to flip the script on EJ by blaming her for the muggings and for stealing Sydney. Later, EJ tells Ari he may have a solution to her problems.

EJ tells Stefano about Nicole and the phoenix tells his son to go full steam with his plot against Nicole. EJ soon starts to bust Nicole on her lies and tells her that he has the goods on her. Nicole's a bit unnerved, but doesn't let EJ see her sweat. She knows her ex-husband well enough to believe that if EJ had something on her, he'd throw his cards on the table. Watch for the former spouses to play a game of cat and mouse with each other.