Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Billy/Victoria: The two start tearing it up in the trailer when their mothers bust in! Nikki (remember her?!) and Victoria leave and Nikki informs her daughter Victor has flown the coop to find Adam's killer. She also tells Victoria that Mr. Mumbles wants her to run Newman Enterprises while he's out of town. Back at Billy's, Jill calms down from catching her son with the Newman heiress and thinks he's just using her for info. Billy doesn't clear up this misinformation and listens as Jill tells him the pay dirt she's found. Jill lets Billy know Tucker's going to muscle in on Newman's place in the Asian cosmetics market. Later, Victoria returns and tells Billy she's running the company and Billy snitches to her the information Jill gave him. Billy knows that with Tucker's plan, Victoria will be blamed, since this will all take place while she's manning the Newman Enterprises ship.

A grateful Victoria wants a favor from Billy, that he not go to press with what he knows, for the time being. Victoria plans on going to Japan to take charge of the situation. Billy agrees, for now, but heads to her place to give her the heads up on Tucker's next move. Tucker finds out that his plans have been revealed and goes forward anyway. Billy wants to run the story, since everyone has their cards the table. At first Victoria's pissed by his decision, but she eases up when Billy plants a kiss on her, leading to the duo tearing it up in Victor's office and on his desk! Afterwards, Victoria heads to the airport for her trip to Japan. When she's seated, she is stunned to find Billy sitting next to her!

Daniel/Abby: The two start to have feelings for each other, but is there more to Abby than he knows?

Cane/Mac: Lily calls Cane during Devon's college graduation party with bad news. Her cancer treatments aren't working. It's making Lily sick. A heartbroken Cane fills Falcolm Malcolm in on what's happening and the two decide to keep mum about everything. Cane notifies his attorney that he wants to go ahead with suing Mac for the embryonic fluid.

Later, Mac and JT crash the party after she's been given the legal papers. JT, as usual, backs Mac on her decision. So does Neil, which shocks Cane. Neil feels that Lily's decision should be honored and wouldn't want to have the procedure performed on the twins. Cane and Falcolm Malcolm are very upset over their family's stance on everything and are flabbergasted by Neil's opposition to Cane's move. Cane informs his in-laws that he'd rather have Lily hate him for what he's doing than lose her and is still moving ahead with his court case against Mac.

Victor/Jack: The adversaries team up for a common goal.