General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alexis and Sonny discuss him joining Kristina in therapy, which translates to, Sonny whines about having to join and support his abused daughter.  He stomps his feet a couple of times and declares that he doesn't hit women.  He doesn't.  He doesn't. 

Dante's not happy to see Jason instead of Michael.  Jason tells him he hates Dante and Dante promises not to pass notes in Geography anymore.

Brooke and Olivia travel down Memory Lane, otherwise known as, Dante is the greatest and always was the greatest EVAH road.  Lulu starts to look like she's getting  a wee bit annoyed with the love fest. 

Tracy continues to hack a lung and demands to know what Luke is doing about thier situation.  He continues to yell at the non-existent guards.

Ethan and Lucky discuss Luke's disappearance. Ethan figures it's just Luke being Luke, but Lucky's concerned.  Maya shows up and lets them know that Tracy is missing as well.  When Lucky brings up the possibility that Helena has her hand in this, both Maya and Ethan scoff at the idea. Clearly, they know more about Helena's penchant for kidnapping than Lucky does.  Maya was seriously getting on my nerves with her attitude.  Lucky gets a call, supposedly from Luke, telling him that he and Tracy are just fine. I wonder why a smart detective like Lucky doesn't question the timing of that call.  You're talking about Luke and then a call comes from him? Way too suspicious.

Carly and Spinelli hatch up some plan about transferring funds from drug money into Dante's account, having Lucky find it and bust Dante.  And then after that, they're going to switch the sugar for salt in the shakers and maybe hide the top cheerleaders' pom poms.  Olivia catches them hatching the plan, but Carly covers and claims that she doesn't blame Dante, but rather herself, for Michael's position.  Then her nose grows and Gepetto pays a visit.

Spinelli heads over to see Jason in jail and almost wets himself in his puppy excitement at seeing the almighty Stone Cold in person.  Jason's not as thrilled.

Kristina and Sonny have their joint therapy session, where we never actually see or hear the therapist. We only have the two actors answering and reacting to questions in a very strange and detached way.  Way to save money by not having the extra actually talk.  Yeeesh.  The scene would have likely been even more powerful with interaction and back and forth, but what do I know?

Kristina claims that abuse is more than just hitting and that Sonny abused Claudia when he yelled at her. She claims that Sonny and Kiefer were alike, which seriously ticks off Sonny because there's no way he's willing to see that. So he takes his ball and bat, leaves the sandbox and drags K home with him.

Kristina invites Ethan over as a sounding board and tells him she's happy she crushed on him.  I'm sure he'd be thrilled too, if it hadn't almost turned into a prison or death sentence for him.

Sonny runs over to Carly and asks her if she thinks he abused her.  Her answer is my line of the day:

Carly: "You should never ask questions you don't really want the answers to."