DAYS' Peter Reckell Talks Saying Goodbye To Grandma Horton


Days of Our Lives star Peter Reckell talked with TV Guide'sMichael Logan about the close relationship his alter ego, Bo shared with the show's matriarch Alice Horton (Frances Reid).

TV Guide Magazine: Soap fans love those rare friendships between characters of vastly different generations — Lila [Anna Lee] and Brenda [Vanessa Marcil] on General Hospital, Myrtle [Eileen Herlie] and Bianca [Eden Riegel] on All My Children, Nancy [Helen Wagner] and Katie [Terri Colombino] on As the World Turns. And then, most memorably, there was you and Frances Reid — the rebel biker and the donut-making granny! You two had a very special bond dating back to your whippersnapper days in the '80s. Why isn't this more common on soaps?

Reckell: It's so true. Bo and Mrs. H! I loved our scenes together. It would be great if we mixed it up more on the show these days. I don't see the kids on our show hardly at all anymore. And that's a shame because, you're right, the audience eats that up. But we do have Suzanne Rogers [Maggie] picking up the torch from Frances and working with the younger ones. It's good to see her step up and become our matriarch. She's the one with the history now.

The actor also opened up on filming upcoming scenes with saying goodbye to the beloved character.

TV Guide Magazine: How was it to play the death watch?

Reckell: We loved having the opportunity to say goodbye — both as actors and characters. It was wonderful to have all those great old friends come back to the show and it was much like catching up with people at a real funeral. "It's great to see you but, boy, do the circumstances suck!" And it was funny because we just kept going between takes — looking through all these great old photo books, reminiscing about our storylines with Mrs. H, and telling stories about Frances some of which aren't repeatable. [Laughs]. She was not a G-rated person! The emotion of it all just clobbered me over the head. I'd come out of scenes not able to speak because the bond we had with her was so tremendous. There was no acting necessary!