Y&R Official Website GOOFS: Advance SPOILERS Posted as RECAPS!


As the title says kids, SPOILERS are involved so if you don't want to read turn away. *Sigh* So the MENSA candidates over at The Young and The Restless posted a "recap" dated June 4 on their official website, only...nothing in the recap has happened yet. Doh! Looks like some one made a boo-boo. Check out all the juicy goodness that was inadvertently leaked by the sudser's own PR peeps!


Remember when yours truly posted someone is helping a not-so-dead Adam stay 10 steps ahead of the Newmans? That someone is none other than Adam's ex, Skye!

Looks like Skye and Adam have been living in Brazil, with the help of a crooked judge. Meanwhile, Victor is in Canada trying to get to the bottom of his wayward son's disappearance, but gets himself into a bit of a jam. courtesy of someone by the name of Shaw and his posse. All is not lost for the Newman patriarch, Shaw reveals the getaway boat he gave Adam in, then decides to sink the boat and trap Victor inside!

Back home, Nick is itchin' to don his tights and cape to head off to Canada to help his dad, but Nikki isn't hearing it. The "Now You See her, Now You Don't" Mama Newman asks ex-husband Jack to assist her in keeping Nick in town. Old Smilin' Jack and Phyllis team up to convince Nick jumping bail is not a good look. Jack decides to track the Black Knight down himself.

Chance and Heather arrive at the ranch to seize Nick's passport and drivers' license in order to keep him in town. Nick puts two-and-two together and figures out Jack snitched on him.

Speaking of Chance, his lady love, Chloe isn't thrilled her man is Heather's new bodyguard. Look for Chloe and Kevin to commiserate over their love lives when Jana tells Kevin she's moving out of their apartment.

Kevin asks his emotionally-detached wife point blank if she's creeping with his brother, Ryder, which Jana denies. Kevin's new pal Chloe insists he has nothing to worry about, because Jana and Ryder are simply friends. Meanwhile, Jana pays a visit to Ryder with wine in tow. The pair ends up sharing a kiss, just ase Kevin and Chloe are making a pact not to worry about their loved ones...

Over at the Newman ranch, Sharon tells Nikki she's moving off the property. Nikki tries to stop her since all signs are pointing to Adam being alive. In Brazil, Skye talks to the judge, who infoms her his protecton will come at a heavy cost.

Nick fills Sharon in on finding Skye's phone number. Sharon forces Nick give her the number so she can actually hear Adam's voice. Sharon persuades Nick to call Adam, when he does, Adam answers! Stunned, Sharon freezes before she can say anything.

In Ottawa, Jack goes to the bar and finds Meggie, just as Shaw and his buddies arrive. Victor is still trying to locate a way to exit the boat. Ryder and Jana start to get hot and heavy, when he stops them. Jana lets him know she's starting to have real emotions again, thanks to the heat they are generating. The duo beings to make love! And there ya have it, thanks to eagle-eyed DC reader Othell for the tip!