B&B's Sarah Brown:"I Don't Think Agnes Is Crazy"


TV Guide'sMichael Logan talked with three-time Emmy winnerSarah Brown about her potentially groundbreaking turn at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys later this month. Should Brown win, the actress will be the first to win in all major categories. The soap superstar also dishes  whether or not her The Bold and the Beautiful character, Agnes is carrying an unhealthy torch for Nick (Jack Wagner).

TV Guide Magazine: And after you got the axe — literally and figuratively — you walked right into a role at B&B! Let's discuss. Aggie is obsessed with Nick. Is this headed toward some fatal attraction type thing?

Brown: Oh, God no! In fact, when you say "obsessed" I cringe. I don't think Agnes is crazy and I don't think she's obsessed with Nick on any level.

TV Guide Magazine: Really? What show are you watching?

Brown: I think she has a really healthy attraction to him. Of course, he is a married man so I guess it's not that healthy but it's human. She has been through a huge ordeal and this man stepped up and cared for her. She has respect for Nick, and I think Agnes would have let bygones be bygones if she had not found out about Bridget and Owen. It's not really an obsession as much as a deep love for someone she appreciates. She doesn't feel Bridget is good enough for Nick. Otherwise, I don't think Agnes would be making a play for him. [Suddenly realizes she just gave away a big plot point]. Which...uh...[coughs nervously]...she may or may not do in the future...