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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly informs Sonny that abuse isn’t just physically hitting and that he did abuse her verbally. He argues that she pushed his buttons and gave as good as she got. But Carly’s point was that Kristina has behaved in a similar fashion and would Sonny want her with someone who would treat her the way he treated Carly.

Brook continues to lay it on thick with the Bensonhurst tales. Lulu continues to look uncomfortable, especially when the topic turns to the possibility of Brook and Dante having done the deed. They both deny any attraction to each other. Brook does bring up girls that Dante was involved with, but he assures Lulu that he didn’t love any of them. Brook leaves and heads over to Carly’s. Carly has rented the apartment across from Dante’s for Brook.

Jason forces Spinelli to tell him what Carly’s plan is, and then orders Spin to stop helping Carly and to have Carly come see him.

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Carter pays Michael a visit, threatening him if he talks. Then he lies in wait for Jason, but Jason protects himself and Carter runs off. Again, I ask why this guy is dumb enough to go up against a professional killer.

Michael visits with Jax, who’s working to get Michael out and Sonny in. Michael is not happy with that plan, and tells Jax to leave his father alone.

Maya and Lucky decide to trace Luke’s text, to see if Helena was responsible. Johnny arrives, looking for Ethan, and Lucky warns him off, but Johnny’s not scared.

Sonny goes to Kristina’s, to tell her he’s willing to go to another therapy session and try to work his issues with her. She wants nothing to do with him. And while there were several good lines of the day, this one wins for me.

Kristina to Sonny: “ I'm not Michael. I don't think you're this misunderstood guy. I don't make excuses for you. And I'm not going to let you use my therapy to make yourself feel better”

Sonny summons Olivia to his place to bring up the abuse issue. While she denies that he ever abused her, she does point out that he was a horrible person to Claudia. When he tries to turn that around, saying that Claudia was a horrible person herself, Olivia’s answer is that he should have divorced her or never married her in the first place.

Kristina’s on the pier when a couple of teenage girls show up to essentially yell at her for being abused. Johnny arrives, sees her predicament and comes to her rescue, pretending to be her boyfriend.