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Introducing, Pop!

Daytime Confidential readers, we've got some introductions to make. At approximately 2 am ET, on June 8, 2010, Luke Kerr and I finally delivered DC's loud, trashy, yet-hopefully-entertaining daughter Pop! That's right, our official spinoff site is LIVE! I know, you're probably thinking, what were Movie Junkie Online and TV Fan Online if PC is DC's official spinoff site? Well, those were valiant efforts, TFO even preceding DC, that we never got to pay the proper amount of attention to, what with some Idiot in Charge cancelling a soap opera everytime we turned around! 


For our new, sister blog, Pop, the same team who brings it to you hot like FIYA will be covering all aspects of popular culture, from primetime to film, books, celebs, stage, you name it! PC will be your one-stop shop for everything pop culture, much like DC is for everything soaps, and speaking of soaps, don't think for one minute we'll be dropping the ball with DC as we grow PC. Far from it, in fact, expect to se DC go even more balls-to-the-walls in order to bring you the up-to-the-minute, behind-the-scenes triumphs and tragedies of the daytime television industry.

We truly couldn't— and wouldn't— do any of this without you. Thanks for going along for the ride!

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