Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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The Logans: The family attempts to stop a disaster from occurring.

Stephen/Pam: The Logan patriarch goes further with his plan to get revenge on Stephanie by seducing the virginal Pam. Bill and Katie think Stephen has genuine feelings for Ms. Douglas, but get a shock when he reveals he's using Pam for the greater good!

Stephanie/Pam/Stephen: She takes Pam to the Forrester Big Bear cabin to open her eyes. Later, Pam phones Stephen and fills him in on what's happening. He shows up and gives Pam a gun and pushes her to shoot Stephanie.

Brooke: She notices how edgy Bridge is behaving at her baby shower.

Agnes/Nick/Bridget: Aggie spies how odd Owen and Bridget are acting and decides to listen in on their conversation. Afterwards, she snitches to Nick on what she witnessed and tells him the truth about the baby's paternity. Nick has a showdown with his wife and asks her point blank if there's any truth to what Agnes is saying.