General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Carly explains to Brook that she rented the place across the hall from Dante’s, under Ned’s name. And I call shenanigans on Ned never calling his daughter to see how she is and finding out that she’s living somewhere that he supposedly paid for.

Michael tells Jason what happened with Carter and, although things are still left a little unclear, I think it’s safe to say that Michael was not raped.

Kristina and Johnny share a sweet scene. She apologizes for recoiling when he put his arm around her, saying that it reminded her of Keifer. Johnny explains that his father was crazy and abused him, so he knows where she’s coming from.

Johnny drives Kristina home. Sam is not thrilled to see him and tells him that if he’s using Kristina to get to Sonny that she won’t let him. Johnny claims that isn’t his intention, that he was just helping Kristina with the mean girls.

Sam goes to see Jason in jail to let him know this. He tells her that if he has to “take care of” Carter, then it will affect his sentence. She’s fine with this, because apparently she’s fine with anything Jason does in the name of Michael.

Patrick, Robin and Emma have a lovely going away dinner for Robin. Both Robin and Patrick profess their love for each other before she leaves. But the minute she’s gone, he gets a call from Lisa and decides to go in to work.

Jax goes to see Carly and tells her about his visit with Michael and that getting Sonny into prison will get Michael out faster. Carly’s all for Sonny going to jail.

Sonny and Olivia continue to go around and around on the issue of abuse. He continues to be blind to the various forms that abuse comes in and she continues to try to get it through his thick skull.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s (why?), gets very angry to see his mother there and tears a strip off of Sonny. And while I didn’t understand why he would have been there in the first place, I’m always a fan of a Sonny smackdown, so I was fine with it.

Sonny: “I don’t hit women”

Dante: “There are other forms of abuse. You yell at women. You intimidate them. You humiliate them in public. You kill people and justify it that it’s part of your business.”

Lulu hears some noise in the hallway and walks out of the apartment to find Brook, unlocking the door of the apartment across the way. I find it interesting that they reconfigured Dante’s building to supposedly have another apartment on the same floor, and a completely separate door to get in that we never saw before.