General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Sonny has to stay away from Michael! When Michael is released - I already mentioned he’s released to Dante - but he won’t be able to see his Dad and if he does, it’s back to Pentonville. How long does he have to stay away from Sonny? What’s left of his sentence! That’s like two years! Uh, yeah, that’s not going to happen. Will Michael feel guilty about leaving Jason behind? You bet he will.

Remember I told you Claire wants Jason’s help with investigating Franco… he agrees to help the Prosecutor. What about his pesky little murder charge? Carter is dead by the end of this week and Jason is the one holding the knife that kills him. How will he beat this one? The warden wants to put Jason in solitary, separating him from Michael. Unfortunately for Mr. Warden Man, he has no real proof that Jason was the one who sent Carter to his maker so cell mates they will stay.

Johnny and Olivia break-up! I’ve been telling you guys this was coming. Apparently what sends Olivia over the edge is Johnny agreeing to Kristina’s little plan. Now Johnny will be free for that Brook Lynn hook up I’ve been hearing about. Will Johnny and Olivia get another shot first? RUMOR has it the pair will “reconnect.”

Team Sonny and Alexis? They do have a child to parent together. I find it funny that the one who wanted Sonny far, far away from her daughter now wants him so involved while Carly is doing everything possible to keep Sonny away.

Elizabeth is having another boy! RUMORS out there say she’s naming him Aiden. Not very Cassadine, Helena will hate it I’m sure. What about that investment of hers? One RUMOR has her consulting Diane who tells her it’s not a safe one as its uninsured.

Is Jason getting sprung too? He has to be at some point. Those RUMORS of his being beaten are gone and buried with Carter’s body. RUMORS have said he will be involved in the storyline when the hospital goes on lockdown and we all know Franco only cares about Jason Morgan. What I find funny/odd is that RUMORS say Jason is released into Dante’s custody as well. What is Dante running a daycare for criminals? I am hearing that Jason’s release MAY have something to do with Carter’s death. So you're suspected of killing a man and get out of prison? That’s a new one. Oh wait this is General Hospital.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Carly could care less that her boys are out of Pentonville. She has a plan and she’s sticking to it. Spinelli finds Franco’s mom. Patrick punches Steve. Elizabeth loses Cam and Jake’s trust fund. Is someone drugging Lulu? Maxie visits Jason in prison. Michael and Dante have a talk about their dad. Overboard! Luke Spencer is tossed overboard. Car bomb… Sonny tells Luke his plan. Sam becomes another woman. Brenda returns with a secret that will affect Sonny, Jax and Jason. Did Vanessa Marcil agree to stay in Port Chuck for a year? Carly tells Lulu that Dante could be a cheater, just like his dad.

Lord help me…Chad Duell wasn’t half bad in his scenes with Jax this week. He lost a step with Jason but is he improving? I was forced to admit this here, since Luke is threatening to tell everyone I am giving him a most improved nod on the upcoming podcast. (I’ll be out of town and the little sneak is trying to pull a fast one) I am not going that far, yet, but I did see some better acting out of Mr. Duell in those scenes with Jax.

Kudos to Dominic Zamprogna... great scenes when Dante went off on Sonny and Olivia.

What the hell was Patrick apologizing for? When you are married, you make MAJOR decisions like one spouse traveling to Africa for a mission, together.