Kimberly McCullough Directs Co-Star Lexi Ainsworth in Nice Guys Finish Last

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As many a GH fan knows, Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake) took a brief leave from the daytime drama to study a passion of hers, directing films. McCullough participated in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women and is now in the process of directing the film Nice Guys Finish Last. Kimberly made a nice little status announcement on her facebook page today,

I'm very excited to be directing Lexi Ainsworth in NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!

Lexi Ainsworth is a General Hospital co-star of McCullough’s who portrays Kristina Davis, daughter of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and legal eagle Alexis Davis. The film also stars Danielle Harris who once appeared on One Life to Live as Samantha “Sami” Garretson.