Livvie and Caleb REUNITED??? Now THIS is What I am Friggin' Talking About ABC Daytime!!!!!!

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Okay, I take back every snarky comment I made awhile back when I learned ABC Daytime was doing "Mash Ups" featuring characters from One Life to Live, General Hospital and All My Children meeting up. I just saw the teaser for's upcoming web series, What If? and it looks freaking, sneaking good! No, really, I am not being sarcastic. It does look really good!


While I tend to bitch a lot about Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco's respective, current ABC soap characters, I was pure dee K-R-A-Z-Y about Port Charles' Caleb and Livvie, so you can imagine I have already replayed this clip like 5,000 times. The teaser also features Carly Corinthos Jacks making out with Ryan Lavery, Spinelli getting on Todd's last nerve and Sonny Corinthos meeting the unstoppable Erica Kane. Check out the teaser below!