All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Another ABC female, another stupid plan… does Brian Frons require this of his writers? Liza’s big plan to have Colby catch her and Damon in the act didn’t quite work out for her and now that Damon has those half naked pics of her on his phone, will he use them? I must say, I like Damon. Finn Wittrock is a pretty good actor. I know I’ve been a little tough on AMC lately, so I’m trying to find the bright spots. Will Damon and Colby finally seal the deal? It looks like Damon isn’t the sleaze ball Liza has him pegged to be. Colby and Damon talk about sex and what she’s ready for. Colby wants to be doubt free when they finally make love. Liza is certain she’s going to catch the two going at it when all she does is find them having an adult conversation. Just because Damon is a stand up guy with Colby, it won’t stop him from playing with Liza. He’ll text her one of the pictures he took which upsets her so much, she abruptly ends her date with Tad.

Liza recalls history with Damon…She tells him about Tad bedding her mother long ago and that she realizes she doesn’t want to hurt her daughter the way she was hurt. Later, Tad and Liza decide to give their relationship another try. Is Damon done playing with Liza? Nope! During another date with Tad, Damon flashes Liza one of the photos causing Liza to have a panic attack. Will Damon supply the drugs to ease Liza’s nerves?

Why can’t Greenlee keep her cool? She slips to Ryan that she knows where Erica is. Is she not living up to the Hayward name? Jesse gives Mr. and Mrs. Hayward time to talk and Greens tells her hubby she’s sorry for opening her trap. David tells Jesse it’s all Ryan’s fault. He put words in Greenlee’s mouth. Sticking with David’s story, Greenlee tells Jesse she felt guilty that she wished Erica would just go away. Their fast talking gets both of them sprung.

Greenlee fires Madison! We saw this coming from a mile away. Madison suggests that Fusion gets behind the search for Erica. Greenlee does not agree and cans her. Greens wants all things Erica related to Fusion to go bye-bye and tells the Fusion staff to get working on removing Erica Kane from the product line. Enter Binks who issues a threat to Greenlee.

Krystal and Jackson head to West Virginia in search of Erica. Is that where she is with the mountain man? I must say again, I really would like to see these two in a pairing. I’m over the Erica-Jackson saga. Before they find her, Erica finds her cell phone in Caleb’s pocket and pulls a shot gun on the mountain man. Apparently Erica can’t be a strong woman who gets herself out of this mess, as her next plight has her falling into a pit and once again needing Caleb to pull her ass out. Once out of the pit, Erica passes out. Jack and Krystal find the cabin and what’s left of the plane. Jackson calls Bianca to update her on what they’ve found. When Caleb and Erica make their way back to the cabin, she and Jackson are reunited. Erica wants to thank Caleb, but as she leaves with Krystal and Jackson, he’s nowhere to be found. Bianca gets a call from Erica telling her that she is alive. Bianca promises her mom that she will find out who set her up.

JR wants to hit the sheets… with Annie! He thinks that it will give them closure if they do it one more time. I wonder what your wife’s opinion of that theory will be. Scott, on the other hand lets Annie know that while he wants to be with her, he’s not like his cousin. He wants more from her than just one night. Annie tells JR that she and Scott hit the sheets and JR says they need to figure out a way to be in each other’s lives. That pesky sexual tension won’t go away and too bad for JR and Annie that they just are not happy in their current relationships.

Is Angie sick? At first, she and Jesse think she could be pregnant. After the pregnancy test comes up negative, Jesse is bummed and Angie tries to fake her way through some other symptoms. Of course David isn’t making Angie’s life easy, making sure she knows exactly who’s in charge and threatening Frankie’s job.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Ryan and David face off in the park. Fusion is shut down! Scott rescues Annie. What has JR having a change of heart? Greens is “shocked” to see Erica. Bianca has a warning for David. Is David drugging Binks? Angie’s health gets worse. Who is warning Liza about Damon? Scott wants Palmer’s will. Is Caleb smitten with Erica?