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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Brook Lynn shows up at Sonny’s and reminisces about the good old days in the neighbourhood and how she and Dante were friends.


Lulu and Dante wake up from a night of passion. She tells him about Brook moving in across the hall and he’s thrilled since he figures it means he’ll be eating better. Lulu tells him she feels slightly threatened by Brook’s presence and her place in Dante’s past, but he brushes her off. After another round on the couch, Dante tries to teach her about baseball, but she gets called in to work. Those pesky jobs. Always interfering in your personal life.

Carly “accidentally” runs into Jax as she’s supposedly coming out of a yoga class. That right there should have sent up a red flag for Jax. Carly wouldn’t know how to spell yoga, much less attend a class. They discuss the kids and it’s clear that Carly is sniffing around her ex again.

Jason steps up the fighting lessons for Michael and he begins to wonder why. Michael figures that Jason will likely kill Carter, which will separate him from Michael.

Lucky finds out that Luke’s text came from somewhere overseas and he figures Helena’s behind it. He tells Nikolas, who doesn’t seem to care, and Ethan, who doesn’t want to rain on Luke’s parade.

Nik heads over to the hospital to tell Liz that he’s going to Greece for a couple of days. Liz is thrilled to be rid of him and Shirley questions her motives.

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Tracy is still sick. This time when Luke calls for help, Helena shows up, but she doesn’t seem concerned with Tracy’s health. Luke tries to distract Tracy, who begins to reminisce about their wedding in Vegas.

Diane pays Spinelli a visit on behalf of a concerned Bernie. Spinelli explains to her that he thinks he and Maxie are through, adding that she doesn’t understand why he’s upset over Jason’s incarceration and that her solution is to try to make him jealous with Matt.

Patrick and Lisa do their surgery together and then Patrick asks Steven about the investment. Liz also talks to Steven about the investment, saying that she’ll ask Diane to break the trust for the boys in order to get the start up money.

Lulu runs into Sonny on the street. He’s still trying to make nice, while she wants nothing to do with him.

Sonny: “It’s amazing how committed you are to hating me. Must take up a lot of energy.”

Lulu: “Actually, it’s really easy because all I have to do is look at the scar on his chest”

Line of the day:

Lulu to Sonny: “We all feel really guilty about what happened with Michael. But the blame is on you. Your life. Your choices are what put him in Pentonville.”

Carly interrupts them and Lulu leaves. Sonny questions why Carly is so calm towards Lulu, since that’s not usually her MO.

Brook knocks on Dante’s door. He opens it to find her in a towel.