General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Kristina’s plan is on! She wants Johnny to pretend they are dating to get on Sonny’s nerves and Johnny says no way. Molly is Krissy’s confidante regarding her plan to pretend to date Johnny. Kristina “seeks out” Johnny so Sonny will see them together and when she grabs his hand, she asks Johnny to go with it. Sonny is not happy when he comes upon the “couple.” Johnny continues to go along with the ruse when Kristina makes Sonny believe she is sleeping with the young mobster. He does warn Kristina that her little plan has to end. Sonny runs to Olivia and Alexis to tell them about the newest couple to hit Port Charles. Olivia, who has already asked Johnny to drop this grudge against Sonny, is less than thrilled and, as I mentioned, the two end their relationship. Will they be able to reconnect? Johnny tells Ethan he loves Olivia and Kristina shares with him that she and Johnny are nothing but an act to piss off her dad.

Jason skates on Carter’s murder! The other inmates cover for him. They all must have hated Carter more than they hate the Corinthos-Morgan organization. The Warden still threatens to toss Jason into solitary and separate him from Michael. Jason persuades the Warden to leave him in the same cell as Michael so that Michael gets through his time there in one piece.

Dante wants to get Michael out of Pentonville before he thinks killing is a normal way of life. Michael is afraid Sonny will hand over the business to Dante. Sonny hopes Michael will get an education while incarcerated. Apparently none of them are on the same page. Remember those RUMORS that Dante gets some dirt on Judge Carroll as a way to get Michael released? Could that story have been dropped? It looks like Dante has a sit down with the Judge and that has him changing his mind. Is that really all it takes? Can Franco play into this somehow?

Earlier, Dante receives a photo from Franco. It’s of a crime scene and he takes it to Jason looking for some information out of the hitman. Dante tells Claire about the picture and she tells him she will “take Franco down.” Are Claire and Dante teaming up to catch the crazy artist? Could there be a connection between the Judge and Franco?

Before all this… Sonny and Claire rehash their plan to take down Johnny. Claire reminds Sonny that she is on board to arrest Johnny, not to help Sonny kill him.

Ethan… He’s grown on me. I know I couldn’t stand him, but now I fully accept him as a resident of Port Charles. I don’t even cringe anymore when he comes on my screen. Plus, I would much rather see him paired up with Maya than Lucky. He will get his flirt on with Edward’s great-granddaughter when they discuss Tracy and Luke. As I previously spoiled, Ethan is becoming Johnny’s right-hand man, for a very large price.

Lisa and Steve hit the sheets! Patrick is jealous when he sees a caring moment between the two and Carly tells him to be careful. Don’t forget, Patrick decks the Chief of Staff.

Dante and Lulu are hitting it again too. Do these two ever stop? It took them so long to actually have sex, now they’re making up for lost time. Well, when Michael moves in, he puts a cramp in their sex life. SPOILER has it; he even walks in on them.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Michael gets some shocking news… is it that he’s being released into Dante’s custody? Dante tells Sonny to stay away from Michael. Nikolas gives Helena the boot after he frees Luke and Tracy. Luke moves in with Lucky when Tracy kicks him out. She also has him arrested for trespassing. Skye turns to Jax for help in locating Lorenzo’s money. Will she need to find his body first? Is Carly next to receive a photo from Franco? Why is Sam taking on another woman’s identity? Franco has started filming. Mixed signals on whether or not Jason is hurt in Pentonville. Kristina refuses to return to therapy with Sonny.