General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Luke and Tracy continue to reminisce about their wedding in Vegas and Luke asks her to renew their vows, where they are. Tracy’s not thrilled at first, but then decides to do it. In one of the sweetest scenes I’ve seen on this show in a while, Luke and Tracy tell each other how they feel about each other. It actually brought tears to my eyes. But when Tracy appears to pass out again, Luke tells her he wished the wedding in Vegas was real, and Tracy opens her eyes and questions the reality of their marriage.

Brook apparently chased the cable guy out the door half naked and locked herself out. So Dante picks her lock. Lulu finds them and is a little annoyed. Later on, when Brook returns the shirt she borrowed from Dante, Lulu lets Brook know that she’s not happy about Brook sniffing around her guy. Dante arrives and overhears.

Sonny questions why Carly isn’t more furious with Lulu. Carly brushes him off and blames their entire lives, and everything that’s happened, on Sonny. She even questions her decision to have Sonny adopt Michael.

Line of the day:

Carly to Sonny: “Would Michael be in prison if he grew up a Quartermaine?”

Molly waxes romantic to Kristina about a couple in a book, but K tears a strip off of her, declaring violence between couples in books to be a no-no. Then Kristina heads over to see Michael. He tries his best to sell Sonny to Kristina, who’s having none of it. Kristina declares that she will stand up to her father, and heads over to his house to give him what for.

Ethan and Johnny continue to plot against Sonny. Johnny makes Ethan his lieutenant, which I think means he can now drink the more expensive scotch.

Skye visits Kristina, who tells her she’s worried that all the men in her life will either be Sonny clones or Kiefer clones. Skye runs into Ethan and asks him to befriend Kristina.

Patrick continues to act jealous of Steven and Lisa’s friendship. Maxie see through it and calls him out on it, but he assures her that he loves Robin. Matt claims Maxie knows all about cheating on someone.

Sonny visits Jason to get his take on why Carly is behaving un-Carly like. Carly shows up at Johnny’s to recruit him for something regarding Dante.

Michael begs Jason to leave Carter alone, but Jason says he has to make an example out of him. Jason is called away by the guard, which gives Carter a chance to get into Michael’s cell; but before anything happens, a very pissed off Jason returns.