Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Kate/Madeline: The DiMeras figure out where Madeline is hiding the tape. Stefano cajoles Kate into stealing it from Madeline's safety deposit box at the bank. Kate is acting as Madeline to gain access to the box when Madeline arrives at the bank! A panicked Kate makes a hasty getaway with everything inside the safety deposit box. When Madeline goes to her box she sees everything inside is gone and figures out the Phoenix is behind it all. Meanwhile Stefano and Kate feel victorious over their move against Madeline but the jokes on them. Madeline has another trump card to play.

Madeline: She stuns Chad.

Daniel/Chloe: The songbird stops her wedding. She tells Daniel she needs to acknowledge the misdeeds she has committed. Chloe confesses all to Father Matt about her tryst with Philip and what led up to the scandalous event. Father Matt implores to Chloe she must tell Daniel everything in order to have an honest marriage. He also tells her Daniel will forgive her if he really loves her. Father Matt deals Chloe another blow by refusing to perform the wedding ceremony! A quick thinking Chloe tells Daniel that Father Matt isn't able to perform the marriage because of a glitch with the annulment with Lucas. Daniel buys the excuse and recommends having another priest preside, but Chloe insists it must be Father Matt.

Daniel agrees to halt their weddingplans for now. Later, Chloe tells Carly she hasn't come clean with Daniel  and Dr. Manning begs Chloe to do so. She reiterates how much Daniel loves Chloe and will forgive her transgressions. Chloe seeks out advice from Nicole. Nicole tells her to keep her mouth shut and to get hitched ASAP! Nicole informs Chloe she will handle her Carly situation and claims once married, Daniel will stick by her after he finds out what she's done. Chloe decides to heed Nicole's sage advice and locates Daniel. She lets him know she wants to get married as quickly as possible.

Nicole: She attempts to sidetrack Brady.

Brady: He starts to get closer to Dr. Baker and Hope's secret. To divert Brady, Baker gets Al to drug him at the poker game! A groggy Brady heads off after the poker game with Dr. Baker following close behind. When Brady is unconscious Dr. Baker pours alcohol down his throat and heads off. Nicole sees a man out cold on the pier and gets a shock when sees its Brady. A quick thinking Nicole tries to drag him away, not wanting anyone to see him in the shape he's in. A police officer on patrol spot them and he sees how wasted Brady is. Brady, in his drugged state, throws a punch at him, which prompts the policeman to book him. Brady goes to the hospital first to be checked out when Nicole finds out he has alcohol poisoning. Nicole is horrified by the diagnosis and feels guilty, assuming Brady got drunk because of Arianna's frame up. She starts to explain what she's done when Brady stops her. He informs Nicole he wasn't drinking and feels as though someone set him up. Brady explains to Nicole someone at the game spotted his money clip.

Nicole puts the pieces together and figures out Dr. Baker was behind Brady's drugging. She tells Brady she believes him, but clams up on what she was going to say to him. Nicole tracks Dr. Baker down and rips into him for drugging Brady and explains he's a recovering addict. Baker explains he didn't know about Brady's situation and wanted to throw him off his scent of the muggings. Nicole lays down the lay and tells him he messes with Brady again she'll blow the lid on his attacks. Meanwhile, Brady tries to explain what occurred to Ari, but she doesn't believe him and thinks he isn't staying true to his sobriety. When Nicole finds out, she is as happy as a clam by the latest developments. Nicole offers her shoulder for Brady to cry on, but is secretly thrilled her plan to bust up his relationship with Ari is finally working.

Carrie: She says sorry to Sami.

Kayla: She along with her mother and daughter have a tender moment.