General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Maybe it was the mood I was in, but this episode just seemed like a big mish-mash of weird.

Lulu informs Brook that she's not interested in what she's selling – and who puts starch in their shirts when they iron them?  Dante overhears and likes jealous Lulu, but reassures her that he has no interest in Brook.

Carly gives Johnny a blender, because that's what all single mob boys want, and wants him to mess with Dante. I wonder why Johnny would bother, since he's dating Dante's mother and I doubt he'd want to cause her any pain. His agenda is Sonny.  At one point, I thought Carly was going to dry hump him.

Kristina continues to yell at Sonny and now, rather than enjoying it, I'm starting to get annoyed.  Then she goes home and has the exact same conversation with Molly that she's had the past two days.  Sonny is evil and I'm going to get him.  Then K shows up at Johnny's and tells him she has a plan to make daddy crazy.

Tracy is not happy that Luke lied about being married, and she continues to snark him out while he continues to declare his undying love.

Lucky shows up and pretends to be... Irish?  Spanish?  Mentally challenged?  Thor's smarter than he looks and sees through the charade, pulling a gun on nomad Spencer. Then Nikolas shows up and declares that this is his sandbox and he doesn't want Lucky to play in it with him.  Nik claims he'll look for Lacey and Helena, and orders Thor to show Lucky off the island.

Lisa's fawning over Steven, when Patrick shows up and decides to be the third wheel.  Then, in a strange twist, Carly arrives and chats up the doctors. She makes a snide remark about Robin saving the world, at which point Patrick invites her to play pool at Jakes and Leven take off.

Claire has her weekly visit with Sonny about all things Johnny. When Sonny gets hot under the collar about that pesky abuse accusation, she points out to him that maybe he just is.

Dante finds a Franco style picture on his coffee table.  At this point, there are no suspects in terms of who left it there, since everyone and their uncle could have gotten into his appartment at any time to leave it.

Michael continues to complain to Jason about the Carter issue.  Jason goes to take care of Carter and stabs him.  Carter tells him "Franco says hi".