One Life to Live Spoilers!


Howdy Y'all! I'm back with some fantastic One Life to Live spoilers. This week, a carjacking, a jail release and a secret revealed steam up the little town of Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of June 14.


Brody/Jessica/Ford/John: Jessica finally fesses up to Brody that she and Ford were together the night he was beaten to a pulp. Simultaneously, John is asking Ford about that faithful night. Ford remembers that Langston and Markko saw him that evening, but he knows they didn't attack him. However, Ford can't remember who did, causing John to go back to drawing board. Before Brody and Jessica can talk about what happened the night of Ford's attack, John calls and tells them Ford is conscious and speaking. Later, Dr. Levin clears Jessica of any major personality changes because of her steamy encounter with Ford. In the meantime, Ford has contacted John, stating that he now remembers every single detail of the night he was attacked. En route to see Ford, John finds Marty and Hannah having an intense conversation. Hannah even threatens Marty, which piques John's interest to ask the young lady questions about incidents concerning Marty and Ford. Is the jig up for Hannah?

Todd/Tea: When Todd reads Tea's file and finds out she is dying of cancer, he races to find her. Once he does, the two have it out about Tea's secret. In the end, Todd promises Tea that he will stick by her, no matter what. Later on, Todd offers to take Tea to her cancer treatment, but she refuses. Instead, she thinks they should go to Starr's graduation. After attending the graduation, Tea allows Todd to take her to radiation treatment. Will Todd keep his promise?

Cole/Eli: Eli pulls some strings and manages to get Cole a new bail hearing. At the hearing, Eli is able to get Cole released on bail. Cole decides to surprise everyone and show up at Starr and Langston's graduation party. No one can believe their eyes when Cole walks into the party looking for Starr. Cole reunites with his daughter and has a chat with Langston. The two begin to get extremely worried when Starr is nowhere to be found. Will Cole try to look for Starr?

Dani/Nate: Dani and Nate are wandering around the quarry when they find a bag of money.  Dani thinks they should leave it, but Nate takes it. Nate puts the bag of money in his backpack and goes to school. He goes to gym class and worries the entire time that someone is after the money. After counting the money valuing $50,000, Nate decides to give the money to his mother so she can keep her house. What troubles will the money bring to Nate and Dani?

Starr/James: After fixing Starr's car, James decides to steal it with Starr and Hope inside to get away from Bull. He drives for a while and stops when he feels they aren't being chased anymore. Starr orders James to tell her what's going on. James gives a shady reply stating that he has something the other guy wants. In reality, James is the one who hid the bag with the $50,000 in it. He eventually lets Starr and Hope go so he can find his money. However, when James goes to get the money, he can't find it. Bull  tells James  he wants his money back or Starr will feel his wrath.

Graduation Day: Lanview High Style: The day has come for Langston and Starr to graduate. In true Cramer fashion, Dorian throws the girls a big party. Naturally, she has to make a toast in their honor before the ceremony. The girls' ceremony seems to go smoothly until Starr receives her diploma. Immediately after Starr gets her hand on the document , James nabs her and drags her to a classroom. Starr is livid and demands to know what kind of trouble James is in. James confesses to Starr about stealing the money from one of Bull's associates. Feeling sorry for James, Starr takes him to hide at Viki's cabin. On the way there, James informs Starr he stole the money from his abusive father, who sent Bull after him. James reveals he came to Llanview to find his brother, start over and get into LU. Is James telling Starr the truth?

David/Matthew/Destiny: A down in the dumps Matthew tells David that Dani broke up with him. David feels like he needs to cheer Matthew up, so he plans a night the two of them will never forget. David manages to get two drop dead gorgeous women for their night, who happen to be escorts, and the four of them set off to paint the town red. Destiny can't believe her eyes when she sees the women David and Matthew are with. Later, Matthew has a little too much fun when he almost looses his virginity to one of the escorts. Will this be the night Matthew becomes a "Man"?

Layla/Cris: Layla has the urge to travel to Maryland and tell her mother about her engagement to Cris. How does Cris feel about this?

Sneak Peek at Next Week (June 21st):

  • Dani gets an eyeful when she walks in on Todd and Tea.
  • Ford remembers his attacker.
  • Cole and Hannah Kiss.
  • David is knocked unconscious.
  • Langston and Ford have it out.